Vanilla Essential Oil

Yummy, sweet and comforting...
like a soft, warm hug!

Vanilla essential oil has a lovely earthy-sweet scent that brings us home.

With its comforting, heart-warming aroma, vanilla oil is popular for cooking, candles, perfumes, massage and body oils.

Vanilla essential oil (also called Vanilla Absolute) is completely different from Vanilla Extract. Vanilla extract is made for flavoring food, and Vanilla Absolute is used in aromatherapy and the perfume industry.

Vanilla is used in aromatherapy primarily for its relaxing, aphrodisiac effect. It can also help with depression and grief, as it balances emotions, promotes serenity and comforts sadness.

Vanilla essential oil is actually an oleoresin that's solvent-extracted from cured vanilla beans. It's a very thick, viscous oil (so don't use it in your essential oil nebulizer!) It should be stored in dark glass bottles, since it's been found to dissolve aluminum bottles.

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Botanical Name and Characteristics

Vanilla planifolia

A type of wild orchid, the vanilla plant is a perennial vine that can climb up to 80 feet (25 meters) high, with clusters of white and yellow flowers. The essential oil is solvent-extracted from its ripe, cured pods (vanilla beans.)

Rich, warm, earthy, spicy, sweet vanilla scent.

Therapeutic Action

Lifts mood

Calms and relaxes nerves

Comforts and eases depression and sadness

Soothes feelings of anger and frustration

Reduces stress


Promotes good sleep

Helps balance the female hormonal system; may induce menstruation

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Vanilla is often used to round out essential oil blends. Its strong middle/top note blends well with bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, orange, sandalwood and vetiver.


Non-toxic. Do not use on skin during pregnancy.

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