Soothing Shea Butter Lotion Recipe

Hydrate and rejuvenate dry, cracked skin with this easy shea butter lotion bar recipe... Mmmmm!

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This deeply nourishing shea butter lotion recipe is perfect for dry, cracked or irritated skin.

It's great in winter for wind-chapped skin, and in summer it can help soothe and restore burned, peeling skin.

This lotion bar recipe makes a solid bar, much like a soap bar, which melts as you rub it into your skin.

It's easy to make - just follow the basic instructions on how to make body butter outlined below.

The secret to maximizing the benefits of a lotion bar recipe like this one is to apply it to damp skin - it seals the moisture into your skin while also nourishing with vitamins and such.

Soothing Shea Butter Lotion Recipe


3/4 cup (4.5oz) Cocoa butter

3/4 cup (4.5oz) Shea Butter

3/4 cup (4.5oz) unrefined Coconut oil or other carrier oil (see below for ideas)

3/4 cup (4.5oz) Beeswax

1/4 teaspoon Vitamin E (or 1 capsule)

5 drops Grapefruit Seed extract

30 drops essential oil - see below for blends



Put about an inch (2.5cm) of water in the bottom of a medium-sized pot and heat to a low simmer.


Place the Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Coconut oil in a large heat-proof glass measuring cup (such as Pyrex). Place the measuring cup in the water and warm slowly over a low heat until the butters, wax and oil are melted.


Cook at a low heat for about 5 minutes. Do not allow to boil (or even simmer!)


Remove from the heat and add the Vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils. Using a metal spoon, stir to combine. (A wooden spoon absorbs the scent of essential oils.)


Pour the liquid mixture into soap molds and let cool. (I personally use silicone muffin cups. You could even use the bottoms of individual sized yogurt cups or pretty much anything that's the size you want your finished lotion bar to be.) It will harden as it cools.


Remove from the molds. If the lotion bar sticks in the mold, set the mold into some warm water to melt the edges a bit, then tip the bar out of the mold.


Store each lotion bar individually in parchment paper, plastic wrap or ziplock bags to prevent them from getting dusty and losing their scent over time.


To use, simply rub the aromatherapy body butter bar into your skin - it melts as it warms up to skin temperature! Great for hands, feet, elbows and even lips!

I find the rigid plastic molds unbelievably frustrating to get anything out of. I've given up on them completely now and I'm using only silicone molds. There's tons of different shapes at ... Much better!

Scenting Your Shea Butter Lotion Recipe

Here's some suggestions for scenting your shea butter lotion recipe:

Cheerful Citrus

8 drops each grapefruit, orange and bergamot, 2 drops each geranium and ylang ylang.

Soothing Lavender

12 drops each lavender and orange, 2 drops each chamomile and cedarwood OR ylang ylang.

Sensual Rose

8 drops each lavender, palmarosa and rose, 3 drops each clary sage and geranium.

Spicy Sandalwood

10 drops sandalwood, 8 drops patchouli, 8 drops orange 1 drop each cinnamon, ginger, vetiver and ylang ylang.

Customizing Your Shea Butter Lotion Recipe

You can reduce the strength of the scent by decreasing the number of drops of essential oils. Don't increase the essential oils, however, since they should only be a certain percentage of the total shea butter lotion bar recipe.

I don't recommend putting your aromatherapy body butter bars into the freezer to harden as some recipes suggest - I find it reduces the scent, and it can also cause the bars to crack.

Replace some or all of the coconut oil with other carrier oils specific for your skin type such as Sweet Almond or Jojoba oil. Browse through the aromatherapy carrier oils page to see which oils suit your skin the best.

To make a softer lotion bar recipe, reduce the beeswax by half.

Where to Buy Shea Butter Lotion Supplies

My favorite supplier for aromatherapy recipe ingredients like witch hazel and aloe is Mountain Rose Herbs. Their prices are excellent and their quality is good. Here's some quick links to the ingredients you'll need for this homemade shea butter lotion...

Base Ingredients

Cheerful Citrus

Soothing Lavender

Sensual Rose

Spicy Sandalwood

Another supplier I really like is doTerra. They only supply oils though, not the base ingredients like butters or carrier oils.

I switched to doTerra's oils a while ago when I tested them against the other brands in my stockpile. I found I got better results, and I never got headaches or skin irritation, which sometimes happened with other brands.

I was pretty resistant to trying them because their prices are higher than a lot of other brands, but when I saw and felt the difference on my skin, I was won over.

I find that because they're so effective, I can get away with using fewer drops per recipe, which helps even out the cost. So if you want high quality, ultra-effective oils, these guys are for you.

You can buy doTerra's oils at retail prices by clicking the Shop button at the top. Or click Join & Save to become a wholesale customer and get a store-wide 25% discount. Message me if you want more details on the wholesale deal - it's well worth it.

Amazon has epic variety - if you're a browsing kinda person, go nuts! Just remember, you get what you pay for. Please, please don't buy the cheapest oils - I promise you they'll be diluted with synthetic ick you don't want on your skin. Here's links to the supplies for making this homemade shea butter lotion recipe.

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