Pine Essential Oil

Clean, fresh, energizing, pain relieving...
Great for cleaning recipes and diffuser blends

Pine essential oil is often used for relieving mental and physical fatigue. It helps improve thinking, alertness and memory, so it's good for studying, driving and any other situation where you need you wits about you.

Pine oil also helps kills germs and promotes health, which makes it great for diffuser blends or room sprays for sickrooms. It's particularly good for bronchitis, coughs, colds, flu and asthma, since the vapors help break up congestion and improve breathing.

Pine's warming, stimulating action helps relieve pain from rheumatism, arthritis, gout and muscle stiffness.

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Botanical Name and Characteristics

Pinus sylvestris

This evergreen tree can grow up to 40 meters (130 feet) tall. It has thin, needle-like green leaves, orange-yellow flowers and pointy brown cones. Pine essential oil is steam distilled from the needles and twigs.

Strong clean, crisp, fresh, foresty scent.

Therapeutic Action

  • Lifts mood

  • Relieves mental fatigue

  • Improves mental clarity, alertness and memory

  • Energizes, refreshes and revives

  • Reduces pain by improving circulation

  • Breaks up congestion, improves breathing

  • Reduces perspiration

  • Said to help get rid of lice

  • Helps reduce cellulite

  • Detoxifying

  • Disinfectant

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Pine's strong middle note blends well with: 

  • bergamot
  • cedarwood
  • citronella
  • clary sage
  • cypress
  • eucalyptus
  • frankincense
  • grapefruit
  • juniper
  • lavender

  • lemon
  • marjoram
  • neroli
  • peppermint
  • ravensara
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • sandalwood
  • tea tree
  • thyme


Non-toxic and non-irritant at low dilution.

Pine essential oil should be used with care on the skin, since it can cause irritation at higher dilution and may sensitize the skin.

Do not use on skin during pregnancy.

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