My Story

How I built this website... and why I'm telling you all this

Before I get to the story, or even to the "why a website", I need to explain why I'm telling you my story at all.

I'm very aware that life is getting financially harder and harder for people. My brothers and sisters are good examples, and it hurts me to watch everyone struggling and stressing and having to say "no" to their kids. Or to not be able to afford good healthcare. Or sometimes even groceries.

I grew up in that. Mom raised 6 of us on social security after dad left, and I started working at age 12 so I could buy my own clothes. For most of my adult life, my husband and I lived paycheck to paycheck, with very little room for extras.

And here's the big "why": It doesn't have to be like that. If you're hurting financially and you're willing to work to change your situation, this story is for you.

Chapter 1 - Research

When our son Chris was 13, I quit my job so I could stay home to help him do better in school. I took in a few extra kids and began the glamorous life of a home childcare provider.

I also looked around for something I could do during the days while the kids were at school to provide us with some additional income. I had read Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book and I wanted to do something that would build passive income. (By the way, if you haven't yet read this, you really should - the concept of passive income is CRITICAL to financial freedom!)

I did a ton of research and, after trying a couple of time (and money) wasting ventures, I found Site Build It. SBI! is like a college course, only at the end of it you come out with a viable, prosperous business rather than a diploma.

Before I bought SBI!, I researched it A LOT.

I looked up "Site Build It reviews" and "Site Buld It scams". I poked through a ton of SBI! websites (searched on "Powered by SBI".) There were a lot of success stories.

And it seemed like for every negative comment there was a positive response (mostly along the lines of "well... you have to work for it!") To see what I mean about success stories, click the link to watch videos of happy SBI! owners.

How Can SBI! Work For You?

To find out, click the link if you are a...

Work at Home Mom



A big thing that impressed me is that SBI! doesn't claim to be a get rich quick scheme. In fact, quite the opposite - it tells you right up front that you're going to have to work for success. You provide the BAM (Brains, Attitude, Motivation), they provide the action guide, the tools and the advice.

Anyway... I decided "I can do this" even though I had no idea how to make a website. SBI! said they would teach me everything I need to know to build a successful online business. (And they really do!)

Chapter 2 - Working the Plan

So I bought SBI! and got down to work. By following the Action Guide and working a few hours every day, I built this website - without doing any of the technical stuff...

  • No HTML.
  • No SEO. SBI! does that part.
  • No wasted time researching the best keywords or web-building tools or programs (I have tools and people for that!)

And whenever I'm stuck or I have questions I go to the SBI! forums, where I get help with whatever I need. And I have to tell you, I have NEVER met a more positive, friendly, helpful online community. I can't express my gratitude and appreciation for the SBI! staff and community. They're amazing.

Here's how my website makes money

  • Commission sales. This is actually called Affiliate Marketing, and it works like this: when someone buys from a supplier I recommend (such as Mountain Rose) I receive a commission for that sale. SBI explains it.

  • Google Adsense. The ad blocks you see at the top and bottom of the recipe pages are money earners. When someone clicks on an Adsense link, I get a small commission. Learn more.

  • Network Marketing. dōTERRA is a network marketing company, so I get an income in two ways from them.
    1. I receive a commission whenever someone buys dōTERRA products through my site.
    2. I get commissions for every person who signs up to distribute dōTERRA. SBI has more on this.

  • E-books. This is actually still in the works, but once it's finished I'll be selling an aromatherapy recipes e-book. I'll not only sell it directly myself for income, but I'll also make it available for other website owners to sell for a commission. After I pay them their commission, I'll keep the rest. More on this.

There are more ways to make money than the few I use. Here's some ideas for using SBI to build your business if you're already a...

Chapter 3 - Financial Freedom!

Three years later I no longer have to work at all (although I do still work on my website - it's so much fun I'm not giving it up) and my husband has retired.

In fact, I've just started a second website with my sister. It'll be fun to collaborate, like playing with a friend instead of by myself. My son also has an SBI! website, along with a couple of my friends, my brother-in-law and his mother.

I would never recommend something that doesn't work - that would be dishonest. And, to be fair, SBI! might not be right for everyone. My husband found that it wasn't for him - he didn't like sitting by himself and working at his computer every day.

If that's you but you still want to build an online business, then here's what I suggest: find a friend to partner with, and take it outside your home. Go to the library or an internet cafe - wherever there's people to keep you energized. I took a job in a gift shop and worked on my website between customers (with the agreement of my boss.)

One other point: Success doesn't happen overnight. SBI! describes it as pushing a snowball uphill. First you push and push and push without seeing a lot of growth, but then once your snowball starts rolling down the other side, it picks up speed and mass VERY quickly.

It took me two years to reach a point where I was making even a part time income from my website. But once it was rolling, oh man!

By August of my third year, I was making as much in one month as I made in the entire previous year. (It would have been faster if I had put more time into it, but I spent quite a lot of time on other work and family commitments.)

And that's my story! Chris is doing great, by the way - how lucky we are that we chose this path! (This is our family at his high school graduation.) Guess what he's doing now? Building an SBI! website and moving to Ecuador!

Wishing you all the best health and happiness in your life.

Epilogue - Oh Yeah, It's Risk Free

I forgot to mention that SBI's no-questions-asked 90 day Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee turns your purchase into a "no risk test drive". There really is no financial risk!

Every day you delay is a day you fall further behind, for no reason. If you think this is something you can do, try SBI risk-free - it's the best way to experience its power and depth. Buy, try, then decide! (You've got 3 months.)

Got Questions?

If you have questions about how SBI! works, why not ask Solo Build It! experts for detailed, in-depth information - they can tell you anything you want to know.

If you order Solo Build It! and need help getting your new SBI! website started, don't be afraid to ask. The Action Guide will direct you to the best forum threads as you follow the steps. I look forward to meeting you in the SBI! Forums.