Lavender Bubble Bath Salts

A luscious lavender recipe for making bath salts... with bubbles to cheer you up!

Soothing, warming and comforting, these lavender bubble bath salts take the edge off that miserable mood and those tired, achy muscles.

Plus the bubbles just make you smile. Use this recipe to distract and calm your cranky kids - I promise, it works better than a time out!

These homemade bath salts relieve muscle and joint pain by helping reduce inflammation and releasing tension, as well as sedating and balancing the nervous system.

Good for arthritis pain, muscle spasm, achiness from colds and flu, and discomfort from overworked muscles. Also good for stress, insomnia and PMS/menopause.

This one of the most interesting, versatile bath products you can make - suitable for kids and anyone with sensitive skin.

Lavender Bubble Bath Salts Recipe


3 cups Dead Sea Salt (do NOT use Epsom salt - it cakes up)

1/4 cup liquid Castille Soap

1 tablespoon Vegetable Glycerin

1 teaspoon white Sugar

12 drops Lavender essential oil

2 drops Geranium essential oil

1 drop Clary Sage essential oil

1 drop Chamomile essential oil

Optional: 10 drops blue, 2 drops red food coloring


  1. Measure the salt into a large ceramic, glass or metal bowl (not plastic - it will absorb the essential oils and be ruined.)

  2. In a separate bowl, stir together the remaining ingredients until thoroughly mixed. I recommend using a metal spoon - a wooden or plastic spoon also absorbs essential oils.

  3. Pour the soap mixture into the salt and stir until the salt is evenly coated.

  4. Spoon the lavender bubble bath salts into a dark glass or PET plastic jar and let cure for 24 hours before using.

  5. Use about one cup of salts per bath. This bath salt recipe makes enough for three baths. Click here for tips on making your bath magical.

Where to Buy Homemade Bath Salt Ingredients

I prefer Mountain Rose Herbs for all my basic ingredients, like liquid castille soap and vegetable glycerin. They have excellent products at good prices, and their staff is friendly and helpful. Here's some quick links to the ingredients you'll need for this recipe for bath salts...

For essential oils, I use doTerra. After comparing and experimenting with my recipes, I saw that recipes using doTerra's oils worked faster and better - plus I never experienced any of the glitches like headaches or skin irritation that happen with some other brands.

doTerra's oils cost more, which makes sense because with essential oils, you always get what you pay for. Spending a little more for something stronger and cleaner makes sense to me. (Plus I actually use fewer drops than the recipes call for, which cuts costs. Genius!)

You can shop doTerra retail by clicking the Shop button at the top. Or click Join & Save to become a wholesale customer and get 25% discount. Message me to get more info on the perks of wholesale membership. Discounts are awesome!

If you're someone who loves choices, Amazon is great. You can compare, read reviews, and there's lots of price ranges to fit your budget. Just remember to buy the best essential oils you can afford - they go directly into your bloodstream, so you don't want junk.

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