Jasmine Essential Oil

Soothing, sensual aphrodisiac

Jasmine essential oil is known as the King of Oils (Rose is the Queen.)

Famous as an aphrodisiac essential oil, jasmine's sensual, soothing scent brings out feelings of emotional warmth and love. Its deeply calming nature may help with problems such as impotence and frigidity.

Aromatherapy jasmine lotions, bath oils and other remedies are good for helping with depression - jasmine's warming, confidence-building qualities are excellent for supporting mental and emotional health.

Jasmine can ease post-partum depression as it helps calm nerves, lift spirits and restore energy. It also promotes the flow of breast milk and is often used in lotions and body oils to help restore elasticity and reduce stretch marks and scarring.

Jasmine straight out of the bottle smells overpoweringly sweet - you'll want to dilute it to a tiny percentage of a recipe. It's also an extremely expensive oil, so it's lucky that a little goes a very long way!

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Botanical Name and Characteristics

Jasminum grandiflorum

Jasmine is a fragile evergreen climbing shrub that grows up to 33 feet (10m) high. It has dark green leaves and small white, star-shaped flowers.

Smooth, sweet, intense floral scent that is rich, complex and lingering.

Therapeutic Action

  • Lifts mood; antidepressant

  • Calms nerves, increases confidence and optimism

  • Revitalizes, re-energizes

  • Aphrodisiac

  • Supports the respiratory tract; soothes coughs, helpful for laryngitis

  • Relieves pain by reducing inflammation

  • Strengthens contractions in childbirth

  • Promotes lactation in nursing mothers

  • Tones skin, balances oil production

  • Improves skin's elasticity; good for stretch marks and scarring

  • Disinfectant

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Jasmine's strong middle note blends well with:

  • most oils;

and especially well with:

  • citrus oils
  • other aphrodisiac oils such as rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang.


None known.

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