Get fresh with these easy, inexpensive homemade floor cleaner recipes

Washing your floors with natural homemade floor cleaners is great way to go green at home.

Floor cleaner

Using natural ingredients and essential oils gives the whole house a clean, fresh scent AND gets rid of dirt, germs and bacteria. Not to mention saves you money, boosts your immune system and lifts your mood.

Here's a couple of tried-and-true homemade wood floor cleaner and homemade laminate floor cleaner recipes you'll love.

No-Rinse Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe

This is one of the easiest home cleaning recipes ever - just make it right in your kitchen sink! It really cuts into grease and grime, and it kills any germs or bacteria caught living on your floors. Plus, it smells awesome!

Fill a bucket (or your sink) with hot water. Pour in about 1/4 cup (a splash) of white vinegar. Add 15 drops essential oil.

Click here for some great essential oil cleaning blends or check out the list of disinfectant essential oils below.

That's it - just wash and let dry. No fuss, no muss, and it works on ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors. I LOVE this recipe!

Heavy Duty Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe

This is one of the best homemade kitchen floor cleaners - sticky juice spills, tracked-in mud, ground-in grease and grime... It also works on pretty much all floor types.

Fill a bucket with hot water. Pour in 1/2 cup each of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol or vodka. Add 2 tablespoons liquid dish soap and 15 drops of essential oil.

Optional: Stir in 1/4 cup baking soda to increase its deodorizing, disinfecting and scrubbing powers.

Click here for essential oil cleaning blends or review the list of disinfectant essential oils below.

This recipe requires rinsing afterwards. Just go over the floor again with clean hot water to get rid of any soapy residue.

Handy Hint for Homemade Laminate Floor Cleaner

The trick to using a homemade laminate floor cleaner is not to use too much. If you flood your laminate floor or leave water on it for too long, the edges of the boards will start to bubble and peel.

So use a damp mop or cloth (not sopping-wet) and apply pressure to scrub away grime rather than sitting water to loosen dirt.

Actually, this is good advice for using a homemade wood floor cleaner as well. You can really only soak ceramic tile or solid vinyl floors. And why would you want to?

Antiviral Essential Oils

Who doesn't want germ-killing, disinfecting cleaners? Essential oils are environmentally friendly and smell amazing!  It's so easy to boost your mood while you clean - bonus!

I like Mountain Rose Herbs because they're ethical and sustainable, with lots of quality choices at good prices. Here's links to the disinfecting oils.

After some experimentation and comparison, I switched my oils to doTerra because I found they work better. They cost more than some other brands, but that's because the quality is higher. There's no fillers or substitutes to drop the cost of making them.

You can shop retail by clicking doTerra's Shop button at the top. Or click Join & Save to become a wholesale customer and get 25% discount. Message me if you want more details on how to maximize your savings.

For the best variety of any online store ever, browse Amazon. They have every brand you can imagine, and a wide range of prices.

Please remember - you get what you pay for, especially with essential oils. If a bottle of oil only costs a couple of dollars, it's only going to be worth a couple of dollars. There are no laws enforcing purity so you have to trust the supplier. Buy the best oils you can afford.

Here's how I think of it... For budget, choose Mountain Rose. For quality, choose doTerra. For variety, choose Amazon.

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Making your own natural homemade cleaners is simple and effective with ingredients already in your cupboards. Not to mention money saving!

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