Homemade Drain Cleaners

Make your own non-toxic homemade drain cleaner with these natural home cleaning recipes

Why make your own homemade drain cleaners? The short answer... Because store-bought drain cleaners are poisonous.

Most commercial drain cleaners use highly corrosive chemicals to eat away the blockage. Some drain cleaners even harm plastic pipes.

Worse, chemical drain cleaners are terrible for the environment. After dissolving the clog, all those chemicals get flushed into the water system, eventually polluting rivers and oceans. Not good!

So instead, here's some earth friendly, non-toxic homemade drain cleaner recipes and tips.

Natural Homemade Drain Cleaner

Use this recipe once a week to keep your kitchen sink free from soap and grease residues that can build up and block your drain.

Pour 1/2 cup each baking soda, salt and white vinegar down the plughole. Wait 15 minutes, then pour a kettle of boiling water down the drain.

Use a Plunger for Really Bad Clogs

Use a rubber plunger (the kind you get from a hardware store) to clear a clogged drain.

Here's how: Make sure the drain is completely covered by the plunger, then push the plunger up and down with some force. The pressure from the plunging action should break through the clog.

Helpful Hint

Always use a strainer in your drains (including bathroom sink and tub) to catch junk that doesn't belong in your pipes - food particles, loose hair, small toys...

Also, never pour grease or coffee grounds down your kitchen sink. It just sets you up for clogs.

Cleaning Your Sink Disposal

Kitchen sink disposal units can be home to food residues, bacteria and bad smells. Here's a simple recipe that will help clean and disinfect it.

Pour 1/4 cup each borax and baking soda down the drain. Add the rind from half a lemon. Run the unit, making sure to use plenty of hot water. Do this once a week.

Preventing Problems

As with many homemade natural cleaners, these recipes are much more gentle than commercial products. So it's important to prevent problems before they start by using the homemade drain cleaners every week or so to keep your drains free and clear.

What Next?

Antiviral Essential Oils

Using disinfecting, germ-killing essential oils in your other homemade cleaning products goes a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy. Plus they're environmentally safe and smell awesome!

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What I found was that they worked faster and more effectively than any other brand I've tried. So I want to offer their oils to you as well. It's always good to have options, don't you think?

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Making your own natural homemade cleaners is simple and effective with ingredients already in your cupboards. Not to mention money saving!

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