Make your own homemade body scrubs... and get glowing with smooth, silky skin!

Set yourself a-tingle with these refreshing homemade body scrub recipes!

Also called 'body polishes' or 'salt glows', these exfoliating body treatments help remove rough, dry skin and unclog pores, leaving you smooth, soft and silky, and smelling wonderful.

(By the way, exfoliating is critical if you're fighting acne - use a home made body scrub at least once a week.)

Handy Hint: Use homemade body scrubs to open your pores before giving yourself any other body treatment or to prepare your skin for an even tan.

What's So Great About Body Scrubs?

Believe it or not, scrubbing your skin actually benefits your health. In addition to being great for your skin, body scrubs are good for you on more than one level. They...

... Help detoxify your whole system (which helps keep you healthy.)

... Stimulate blood and lymph circulation, which helps fight cellulite and tone skin.

... Plus, there's nothing like a good scrub to wake you up and get you 'plugged in' to your own body.

Types of Body Scrub

Salt Scrub

Fine granulated sea or mineral salt is mixed with a moisturizing oil and, if you're lucky, essential oils or herbs.

Sugar Scrub

Same as salt scrub, only using sugar instead of salt. Sugar may be mixed with a lotion or cream rather than a carrier oil.

Oatmeal Scrub

Oatmeal and ground nuts, grains or seeds are mixed with a carrier oil. Essential oils or herbs may also be added.

Fruit Scrub

A mix of crushed seeds, fruit oils, oatmeal and other edible products to nourish the skin.

Loofah Scrub

Uses cream and a loofah.


Don't use body scrubs if you have fragile, broken or sunburned skin, or if you have cancer or a fever.

If you have allergies, make sure you don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth.

Body Scrub Recipes

Here's four fab homemade body scrub recipes, plus face and foot scrubs. Go nuts!

Citrus-Peppermint Salt Scrub

Smooth and stimulate your skin with this salt scrub recipe that leaves your skin tingling and refreshed.

Chamomile & Oatmeal Body Scrub

Remove dry, flaky skin with this gentle, soothing oatmeal body scrub recipe. Especially good for dry, mature or sensitive, irritated skin.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This yummy brown sugar body scrub recipe is good enough to eat - and your skin will love it too! Good for all skin types and gentle enough for problem skin, eczema and psoriasis.


Honey & Yogurt Body Scrub

Oatmeal, yogurt and wheat bran nourish as they exfoliate, while lavender, chamomile and rose calm irritation. Honey attracts moisture to the skin and  acts to gently repair.

Foot Scrub Recipes

These quick, easy-to-make foot scrub recipes will not only perk you up, but they'll also leave your feet smooth, soft and smelling wonderful. Plus a bonus foot soak recipe!

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