Body and Bath Oil Recipes

Easy bath and body recipes for
soft, smooth skin and soothed nerves

There's nothing like some quiet time in a warm bath, softly scented with the perfect aromatherapy bath oil, to work out the kinks.

Aromatherapy body and bath oil recipes soothe, relax, refresh and rejuvenate body and mind.

Not to mention all the fun you'll have making your own homemade bath products in the first place!

Aromatherapy Stress Relief!

Life is so busy these days that we can reach a point where we don't know how to stop. In fact, we may get so used to being stressed out that we don't even notice it any more! Click here to learn more about aromatherapy and stress.

Taking a long (or even a short) aromatherapy bath can help unwind the tension in our mind and our muscles.

Good aromatherapy bath oil recipes can help you...

Shift gears after work...

Fall asleep at night...

Ease sore, achy muscles...

Clear your head...

Fight exhaustion and depression... the list goes on.

Another great thing about aromatherapy body and bath oil recipes is that they nourish your body on more than one level. While the essential oils help your nervous system release tension from the inside, the carrier oils hydrate and soften your skin on the outside. Double the bang for your buck!

Secret Weapon for Incredible Skin

Here's a great secret for incredibly soft, smooth skin.

STEP 1: In the shower, scrub your skin with a loofah or scrubby bath puff thing (or use a body scrub recipe.)

STEP 2: When you're all done, step out of the shower and wrap your hair in a towel but DON'T DRY OFF.

Before you dry off, rub one of the body and bath oil recipes below into your wet skin. (By the time you're done, your skin will have absorbed the oil, so your towel won't get all oily.)

That's it! Simple, quick and totally effective! You can even tailor your bath and body oil recipes to your skin type.

So Easy to Make!

Aromatherapy body and bath oil is the quickest, easiest aromatherapy bath product you'll ever make. Simply blend your carrier oil with your choice of essential oils and voila!

Make your own scented bath and body oil with these easy aromatherapy bath and body recipes...

Balancing Body and Bath Oil

When your nerves are shot, fill the tub, lock the door and give yourself a 'time out' with this balancing, calming bath and body oil. (Especially good for comforting you during PMS and menopause.)

Energizing Eucalyptus Body and Bath Oil

Make this energizing eucalyptus bath oil to help break up congestion and boost your energy. Bonus: it also helps kill germs. Good for acne.

Soothing Lavender Body and Bath Oil

Make this soothing lavender bath and body oil to help you sleep and ease your tired, achy muscles. Good for dry, aging and irritated skin.

Sunshine Happiness Body and Bath Oil

My all-time favorite recipe! This bath and body oil is terrific for curing crankiness - it lifts mood while relaxing edgy, buzzing nerves. You emerge from the bath calm, happy and refreshed. Good for oily skin.

Super-Relaxing Body and Bath Oil

Use this super-relaxing bath and body oil to come down to earth after a hectic day. Its deep, woodsy scent is especially nice for men (try using it as a massage oil... mmmmmm!) Good for all skin types.

Sweet Dreams Body and Bath Oil

Deep, rich and sensuous, this floral-scented bath and body oil calms your nerves, relaxes your muscles and quiets your mind. Excellent for insomnia. Suitable for all skin types but especially good for dry, aging skin.

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