The Aromatherapy Nebulizer

The most effective essential oil diffuser

An aromatherapy nebulizer is especially good for getting the full therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Here's why: The nebulizer processes essential oils into a near gas-like state, releasing microscopic oil particles into the air. This makes it super-easy for your body to absorb the essential oil, so you get the most benefit from its restorative properties.

Aromatherapy nebulizers are very powerful. They're ideal for large spaces, and for situations where you want the essential oil to permeate the room, such as purifying the air in a sickroom or reducing airborne mold.

How to Use

These aromatherapy machines come in many shapes and sizes. Generally, you simply place your essential oil in the glass cylinder and turn the nebulizer on - no water, no heat, just essential oils.

An essential oil nebulizer should generally be used with a timer, because it should only be turned on for a few minutes at a time, usually up to 10 minutes. Running the nebulizer continuously could put too high a concentration of essential oils in the air.

Note: This type of essential oil diffuser can't easily handle thick essential oils, so if you want to disperse oils like patchouli or vetiver, you need to use a different method.

Like aromatherapy vaporisers, essential oil nebulizers may not be silent, so if constant low level noise bothers you, look for another alternative. I have yet to find a silent nebulizer I love.

Where to Buy an Aromatherapy Nebulizer

My go-to supplier for aromatherapy recipe ingredients is Mountain Rose Herbs. Check out these two options:


  • Simply pour oil into the glass cylinder and turn it on.

  • Can cover up to 900 square feet. Found useful in settings of up to 1000+ square feet.

  • Sound level is 57 dB. Not recommended for continuous operation in quiet rooms.

  • Measures 5 x 3 x 7 inches tall.

  • Standard 110 VAC operation.


  • Has 2 speeds and an optional color changing light.

  • Add 10-20 drops of essential oil to the reservoir and replace the glass top. Press the power button once or twice for speed.

  • Fills a 400 square foot room.

  • Measures 3-1/4 inch wide x 9-1/2 inch tall.

  • Comes with a standard AC adaptor.

Browse Amazon for a great selection of nebulizing diffusers. Go nuts browsing, comparing and reading reviews. (I did trying to find a silent nebulizer!) There's lots of price ranges to fit any budget. Plus with Amazon Prime, you can have it delivered for free!

One of my friends swears by this nebulizer, found on Amazon and manufactured by Diffuser World:


  • This powerful, compact, all-in-one essential oil nebulizing diffuser is the professional choice.

  • State of the art "cold diffusion" technology preserves the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits. Micro fine vapor without the use of heat or water.

  • Easy to use timing controls provide exceptional flexibility and convenience.

  • Change oil in seconds with the innovative "quick change" system...simply insert a new bottle of oil at any time without the worries of mixing, spilling or messes.

Check it out!

Essential Oil Blends

It is so easy to lift your mood and protect your health with a few drops in an aromatherapy nebulizer. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Choosing the Right Oils

There's so much more to essential oils than meets the eye. Their molecules are so tiny that they absorb deep into your body in a matter of moments.

If the essential oil you buy is filled with additives (to "stretch" the scent) and fragrance boosters, those potentially harmful ingredients are also absorbed straight into your body. Not ideal!

For instance, my mom and I get instant headaches with most kinds of lavender oil. That's because of the extra "lavender" scent that's added to make it smell stronger. But when it's pure lavender - nothing else - no headaches.

I've used many brands over the last 12 years or so and what I know for sure is, you get what you pay for. So I recommend buying the highest quality essential oils you can afford.

Here's how I break it out...

doTerra for highest quality. You can shop retail by clicking the Shop button at the top. Or click Join & Save to become a wholesale customer and get 25% discount.

Mountain Rose for quality on a budget. Plus they have a lot of other ingredients you'll need for your aromatherapy recipes.

Amazon for variety and selection. Please remember to buy the best oils you can afford - there's a lot of cheap oils in the marketplace, and they just won't give you the experience you're looking for.

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