Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Learn the fine art of making massage oils with these fun, free massage oil recipes

There's nothing like an aromatherapy massage to cure what ails you. Or at least make the bad stuff go away for awhile.

With these super-relaxing massage oil recipes, you can have (or give) one any time you like, in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. For free!

The Best Massage Oils

The best massage oils are the ones you make yourself. Why? Because you can customize them for your skin type, mood or moment. You also know exactly what's in them (and what ISN'T!)

Generally speaking, you want your aromatherapy massage oil recipes to have a good amount of "glide", meaning they don't absorb too quickly into the skin.

This is where choosing your aromatherapy carrier oils comes into play. Here's a few of the most popular carrier oils for making massage oils.

Olive Oil. This one tops the list in terms of popularity. It's easy to find, inexpensive and good for your skin. It has a fresh scent of its own, which will influence the scent of your massage oil recipes. (Personally not my fave.)

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Jojoba Oil. This is one of the best massage oils you can use. Jojoba is the most similar of all carrier oils to our own skin's natural oil, and it lasts extremely well without going rancid. It has no scent of its own, so works in all aromatherapy massage oil recipes.

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Grapeseed Oil. Also popular, easy to find and inexpensive. Good for oily, acne-prone skin. On the other hand, grapeseed is one of the most quickly absorbed oils, so the amount of glide is reduced. (You can, of course, compensate by using lots.)

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Kukui Nut Oil. This oil is gaining recognition as extremely restorative for the skin. It absorbs at a comfortable rate for massage, and it's good for every skin type. You may want to avoid it if you have nut allergies.

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Types of Massage Oils

This is where it gets fun! Massage oils are great all on their own, but they're not the end of the line when it comes to vehicles for warm, gentle touch.

In addition to making aromatherapy massage oils with the basic oils covered above, you can also make body butter massage creams, massage oil lotions, and even massage oil candles. Click on the recipes below to learn more about each one - and then give them a try!

Citrus Bliss Massage Oil
This sweetly citrus aromatherapy massage oil recipe melts away tension and lifts your heart with a happy blend of Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Honey Kissed Body Butter Massage Cream
This edible body butter recipe is lightly sweetened with honey and leaves you with sensational skin when you're done playing with it.

Lavender & Lace Massage Oil
This lavender scented stress relieving aromatherapy massage oil recipe is perfect for the end of a long, hectic day - or anytime you feel frazzled, anxious or overwhelmed.

Moonlit Melts Massage Oil Candles
Rich, decadent and sooooo good for your skin... and fun and easy to make with this simple massage candle recipe.

Pain Relief Therapeutic Massage Oil
This soothing, pain-fighting aromatherapy massage recipe helps relax tight muscles, reduce inflammation and calm wound-up nerves.

Stop Snoring Massage Oil
This aromatherapy massage oil blend smells so good you might want to use it even if you don't snore. Deeply relaxing!

Stress Relief Massage Oil
A sweet, down to earth stress relieving massage oil recipe with jasmine to relax and unwind. Calms anxiety and soothes nerves.

Sugar & Spice Sensual Massage Oil
Romance is in the air when your use this sensual aromatherapy body massage oil for a special night with your partner.

Vanilla Cream Massage Oil Lotion Bar
An edible massage oil recipe that's also a lotion bar and a body butter. With vanilla, shea butter and honey for smooth, sweet skin. Mmmmmm!

Too Busy to Make Your Own? Just Buy Some!

Why stress if you're already stressed? If it just seems like too much time, effort or energy to make any aromatherapy massage oils right now, then give yourself a break and do it the easy way - order some!

Mountain Rose Herbs makes a truly lovely line of organic massage oils, including...

... Autumn Moon Massage Oil with lavender and cinnamon for just the right degree of warmth,

... Goddess Dreams Massage Oil specifically for sensual massage and,

... Warming Ginger Massage Oil - unromantic, but deeply penetrating and soothing for aches, pains and muscle fatigue.

I have to share another supplier for essential oils that I personally now use because I've found their quality to be the best. I switched to doTerra after buying a few oils like lavender and tea tree and comparing them in my recipes.

What I found was that they worked faster and more effectively than any other brand I've tried. So I want to offer their oils to you as well.

doTerra's AromaTouch Massage Blend is an amazing blend of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil, Grapefruit, and Lavender. Soooo relaxing and revitalizing at the same time! Plus it works well with different kinds of massage techniques.

To buy retail, click the Shop button at the top. Or click Join & Save to become a wholesale customer and get 25% discount. Message me to learn more about the perks of going wholesale.

What Next?

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