Aromatherapy Bath Recipe

Citrus Spice herbal bath tea recipe

The rich, spicy, sweet-tart scent of this yummy aromatherapy bath recipe will absolutely enchant you!

A restorative blend of lemongrass, palmarosa and lavender combined with a spicy hint of cloves lifts your mood, soothes your nerves and relaxes your muscles - it's one of the nicest homemade bath products for stress, crankiness and depression.

Lemongrass, lavender and cloves are excellent skin-toning cleansers, good for soothing and balancing oily, acne-prone skin. Palmarosa helps stimulate the growth of healthy skin.

This herbal bath tea recipe is also excellent for easing muscle and joint pain - every single ingredient has soothing properties.

Citrus Spice Aromatherapy Bath Recipe


1/2 cup dried Lemongrass

1/2 cup Lavender flowers

1/8 cup (2 tablespoons) whole Cloves

1/8 cup (2 tablespoons) chopped or shredded Licorice root (optional)

3 drops Lemongrass essential oil

3 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Palmarosa essential oil



Combine the lemongrass, lavender flowers and licorice root in a dark glass or PET plastic jar.


Using a mortar and pestle, crush the cloves a little to break them into slightly smaller pieces and release their scent. If you don't have a mortar and pestle (I don't!) you can put the cloves in a srtong plastic bag and gently hit them with a hammer, or you can grind them in a clean coffee maker - just be careful not to overdo it.


Add the cloves to the herbal bath tea mixture, then drop in the essential oils, placing each drop in its own little spot on top of the mixture. Use a stainless steel spoon to gently stir everything together.


Cap the jar and let it sit for at least 24 hours before using to let the aroma 'cure' (longer is better.)


To use your citrus spice aromatherapy bath recipe, scoop a few spoonfuls into a small organza or muslin drawstring bag. Fill about half full - it will expand in the water.

If you don't have a bag, put a few spoonfuls into the center of a square of double thickness cheesecloth, pull the edges together and tie it closed with a string.

To get the most benefit from your bath, boil a kettle of water, then steep the bag in a bowl of very hot water for 10 minutes or so. (Yes, you're making herbal tea for your bath!)

Pour the herbal bath tea into your bathwater BEFORE YOU GET IN then check the temperature to make sure the bath water is not too hot. Drop the herbal bag in the water, slide in and relax for 20 minutes.

Dry off without rinsing, and lock in moisture with a good body lotion, like this yummy Homemade Sandalwood Lotion.

Where to Buy Citrus Spice Herbal Bath Tea Supplies

My favorite supplier for aromatherapy recipe ingredients like organ whole leaves and flowers is Mountain Rose Herbs. Their prices are excellent and their quality is good. Here's some quick links to the ingredients you'll need for this homemade herbal bath tea...

Another supplier I really like is doTerra. They only supply oils though.

I switched to doTerra's oils a while ago when I tested them against the other brands in my stockpile. I found I got better results, and I never got headaches or skin irritation, which sometimes happened with other brands.

I was pretty resistant to trying them because their prices are higher than a lot of other brands, but when I saw and felt the difference on my skin, I was won over.

I find that because they're so effective, I can get away with using fewer drops per recipe, which helps even out the cost. So if you want high quality, ultra-effective oils, these guys are for you.

You can buy doTerra's oils at retail prices by clicking the Shop button at the top. Or click Join & Save to become a wholesale customer and get a store-wide 25% discount. Message me if you want more details on the wholesale deal - it's well worth it.

Amazon has epic variety - great for those who love to compare and read reviews.

Please remember - you get what you pay for, especially with essential oils. If a bottle of oil only costs a couple of dollars, it's only going to be worth a couple of dollars. There are no laws enforcing purity so you have to trust the supplier. Buy the best oils you can afford.

Here's links to the supplies for making this citrus spice herbal bath tea recipe.

Here's how I think of it... For budget, choose Mountain Rose. For quality, choose doTerra. For variety, choose Amazon.

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