Advertising Policy

How an aromatherapy recipes website supports itself

I love sharing all my favorite aromatherapy recipes with you.

It makes me so happy to post free recipes and articles about essential oils, and then to get your feedback and hear your stories and all that wonderful stuff.

But... You might not realize that there's a cost involved in doing all of that. I really don't want to pass that cost along to you! (It's supposed to be fun - not painful!) So instead, to meet my costs I form relationships with qualified sponsors and advertisers.

Affiliate Relationships Explained

Here's how it works: When you buy from a site I recommend, I earn a small commission if you buy from them by clicking on one of my links to their website.

The income from those commissions supports this site and allows me to keep on publishing free aromatherapy recipes and other fun stuff.

For Example...

You decide to try some lavender oil from Mountain Rose Herbs (one of my sponsors.) You click on the link that takes you to their Lavender page and buy a bottle. Easy Aromatherapy Recipes is credited with a very small portion of that sale.


Let's assume you love the lavender oil you bought, so you decide to order it again. Here's where you can show your support! If you go back to Easy Aromatherapy Recipes and click on our link to Mountain Rose Herbs, we will again make that small commission.

Of course, you also have a second option. You could go directly to Mountain Rose Herbs to re-order. If you go directly to their web site, you'll pay the same price... BUT Easy Aromatherapy Recipes will not be credited with the sale or receive any compensation.

I truly value your loyalty, and I'm very grateful for your support as I continue to research, test and post yummy new recipes and interesting articles.

What Qualifies a Sponsor?

I ONLY develop affiliate relationships with companies I use myself and am proud to recommend to you. I will NEVER recommend a product or company I don't believe in or use myself.

I am not paid to provide opinions on the products or services available from my sponsors. My opinions are my own, and I'm keeping them!

I do recommend products that I think will be of value to you, and I provide a link so you can buy the product if you want to. One point: Although I have bought stuff from my sponsors, I haven't necessarily used or tested each product they sell.

Third Party Advertisements

Easy Aromatherapy Recipes also receives compensation from third party advertisements such as Google Ads, Infolinks and Chitika advertisements.

Google Ads and Chitika Ads are clearly identifiable as such on each page they are displayed. Infolinks are the double underlined links found within the content of the site (if used) and will pop-up a box clearly identifying it as such. Easy Aromatherapy gets a small compensation when a visitor clicks on any of these advertisement links.

Thank You!

Let me thank you one final time for your support!

And please... Let me know if you have a good - or bad! - experience with a sponsor. I would really hate to recommend companies that don't deserve our business!

Advertising Policy