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Why Won't My Body Butter Absorb

by Preba
(South Africa)

Hi there. I've now tried 2 recipes using Shea Butter but with different oils - they both seem to just sit on my skin and not be absorbed - leaving my skin itchy with dryness. I have not added any corn starch as I've heard that it does have a tendency to result in this. What am I doing wrong?

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Coconut Oil NEW
by: Anonymous

First, I am wondering what other kinds of oils you are using. I make a body mousse that combines mango and shea butters and coconut oil. I use about 2 parts coconut per 1 part mango and 1 part shea. It comes out extremely creamy and absorbs very well.

Why Wont My Butter Absorb NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks Cynthia. Its pre-winter here and already my skin is cracking. That could be a great part of the problem. I have started exfoliating but think I need to step up a bit. Thanks for the advice.

Exfoliate NEW
by: Cynthia

When your products are not being absorbed its usually because the dead skin/ash needs to be exfoliated. We are so busy thinking we don't need to do this but we do. When you don't exfoliate it's like pouring oil on sand. Until you slough off the old dead skin, you will have the same problem. Nothing will work. May I suggest dead sea scrubs or sugar, maybe even a loofa would help from

Why Won't My Body Butter Absorb NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Kyley

Thanks for the reply. I had been wondering whether it was just change of season blues. I will try a lotion - the only thing that puts me off lotions, is the use of water - I've learned it shortens the shelf life tremendously. I like your idea of not quite drying myself - I'll definately give that a try.



Lotion vs Body Butter NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Preba,

Sounds like you need a lotion recipe, not a body butter. Or perhaps both.

You need the water in the lotion to absorb into your skin, which is then locked in by the oil in the lotion... so it gets rid of the dryness.

One thing I do in the winter is not dry off much at all, just kind of pat away the worst of the moisture. Then I put body oil on my damp skin to lock the water in. Here's a link to some bath/body oil recipes if you're interested...

Good luck!

By the way, your body butter recipe is probably working fine, just not exactly what your skin needs right now...

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