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Which butter setting method is best?

by Alicia

There are two methods listed, whipping your body butter all day or having it in a container of ice water as you whip. Will one be more likely to make a softer butter? Thank you for any advice!

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by: Alicia

Thanks Kyley, once I've gotten my ingredients together I'll report back on how it went. :)

Whipping Body Butter
by: Kyley

Hi Alicia,

I'm not honestly sure which one will make a softer butter - partly because the softness depends a lot on what ingredients you use.

I tend to use the ice water method because I'm impatient, but I read a very convincing thread on a forum by a woman who swears by the all-day method.

If you make up a batch of body butter and it's not soft enough after whipping it, you can melt it back down and add a bit of lotion or a bit more oil to make it softer once you whip it back up again.

Hope that helps (I know it wasn't a very definitive answer) and best of luck! Let us know how it turns out with whatever method you use :)


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