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Where to Find Scent for Snickers Scented Candles


Hi, I have just started a soy candle buisness (very small), selling to friends etc... I have a friend who loves the candle scent Snickers. Does anyone know the essential oils that you would mix together to make a Snickers candle.

I did some research and found that some mix cinnamon bear and sugar cooies together. My friend said it did not have a cinnamon scent to it. She thought it had more of a vanilla/caramel scent to it. Any help would be great.

Thanks, Alma


Hi Alma,

The snickers scent you're looking for can't be created using essential oils. You need to look for Fragrance Oils, which are synthetic scents that come in about a million scents.

The closest one I could find was a scent called Snickerdoodle from Candlewic.

I hope that gets you closer to what you need - good luck with your candles (and your business!)

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