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Where can I get good quality soy wax

by Beatrice

Where can I get good quality soy wax?

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@Earthglow NEW
by: Andrea B

I am interested in trying that wax from Millard. What types of candles do you make with this? I am interested in pillar and soy container candles. Would you recommend it for this?

Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Another option NEW
by: Anonymous

Canwax in Huntsville is another option

Good Soy Wax NEW
by: EarthGlow

I only buy Millard Soy Wax from Amazon. It is so creamy and easy to work with, however, I don't follow the directions on the pkg exactly. I heat mine to 175 and pour at 150, I never have to pur twice and it has a superior scent throw just as it claims to do. There is no shipping on this wax if I purchase over 25.00 so I throw in some other little thing I need and voila! This is the only soy wax I will ever use.

even better NEW
by: Anonymous

Lonestar Candles Company. google it. only site i use. best variety. best shipping price.

Buying soy wax in Toronto NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Armando,

It's not the exact same type as you're looking fro, but I recommend the EcoSoy CB wax for soy container candles and the EcoSoy Pillar blend from

I've used both types, and they work fine. They don't hold a strong essential oil scent, but I've found that's the case with all essential oils and soy wax.

Hope that helps!

Where can I buy soy wax in Toronto, Canada? NEW
by: Armando


I live in Toronto, Canada and I have been searching high and low for a soy wax supplier in Canada. I am specifically looking for Golden Brands 464 wax, but only find it on American sites. The price is good on these U.S. sites, but the shipping cost to Canada is way too expensive! Please offer any info you can, I would greatly appreciate it!

You can email me at:

Thank you!

Where to buy soy wax NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Beatrice,

I live in Canada, so I generally buy my wax from a Canadian company.

When I was researching American suppliers, the best resource I could find for candle wax was I don't love their website, but they have the best prices, and they stock everything you could ever need in one online store, which I like.

Here's a link to go check them out...

Soy wax for candle making

Hope that helps. Best of luck!

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