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What temperature to add essential oils to soy wax

by Lindsey
(Kennebunkport, Maine)

What temperature should I add essential oils at? I followed my wax instructions as well as used as much as the wax would hold and the cold throw is good, but I literally cannot smell it when it is burning, neither can my boyfriend and he isn't around it all day. I think I might be adding them at the wrong temp.

Also, I heard that average pour temps are 95-110 but my wax is going down to at least 80 maybe lower before even starting to look slushy. Is that normal? Does it have to do with where you live? I live right on the ocean in Maine so it is really humid.


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Temp. to add oil to soy NEW
by: SandyH

I add my scent to Soy wax at 180 or higher temp. the oil will bind with the wax and you will have a great scent throw when your candle is lit..The cooler the Temp. your oil does not bind with the wax..Try adding your scented oil at a higher temp. and you will have better results..

Essential Oils for Candles -- Scent is Weak
by: Anonymous

Hi Lindsey,

It sounds like you're doing everything right.

One of the things about essential oils is they don't have a super-great scent throw. It's the one drawback to choosing them over fragrance oils. It boils down to deciding which you want more - stronger scent or natural ingredients.

Neither is right or wrong, just your personal preference. Fragrance oils will still work with soy wax - just follow the manufacturer's instructions (which it sounds like you're already doing.)

Also, don't worry about the temperature. The cooler your wax is (without going hard) before you add the essential oils the better. The hotter your wax is when you add the eo's, the more the scent will evaporate.

What it boils down to is... you're doing great! The problems is not with your process but with the limitation of the essential oils' scent throw.

You might have already seen this post, but in case not here's someone else with candle scent questions...

Hope that helped, Lindsey! Good luck!

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