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Water in my body butter recipe

by Dawn
(Santa Barbara)

I recently made this great body butter/cream using coconut oil, apricot oil & rose water plus some essential oils. I was in love.... but within a day I noticed water forming in the container and a sweet taste on my skin. Dipped my finger in the water created by my lotion and is sweet!!! Keep pouring out the water but it seems to keep producing it. Does anyone know why and what I can do to stop the reaction?

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Comment NEW
by: Anonymous

Glycerin is the reason it tastes sweet ;)

You are giving incorrect information NEW
by: Anonymous

Beeswax is NOT an emulsifier. If you're going to try mixing oil and water you will have to use an emulsifying wax. You also NEED to use a preservative. A real preservative, not grapefruit seed extract, not vitamin E, and not Rosemary Extract, because they are NOT preservatives, they are anti-oxidants.

Emulsifier NEW
by: Anonymous

You need to use BTMS to keep the oil and water together, you will also need to use a preservitive because of the water content. Germall II at 1% added when the temp is below 120 degrees. The reason for the presertive is that water grows bacteria. You should also be using distilled or another purified water. These are all just suggestions and not meant to treat or cure anything.

by: Anonymous

When mixing oil and water you need a emulsifier so that it mixes well and is creamy. So look for a vegetable derived emulsifier that you like, also the sweet taste is probably from the glycerine which has a slight sweetish taste. Plus to make your cream last longer you may want to add a preservative or a few drops of grapefruit seed extract.

Update NEW
by: Anonymous

Actually, the bees wax would work as an emulsifier, but as it turns out I read the recipe wrong and added way too much glycerin (a humectant). So, hoping when I re-make the recipe I will still love it as much. Still don't know why it is sweet to the tasteā€¦that is still a mystry. I'll have ro ask my industrial chemist father about that one.

Re:Water in My Body Butter NEW
by: Christine (UK)

I can see what the problem is straight away! Water and oil cannot mix. You will need an emulsifier to ensure the rosewater or any other type of water base
can be drawn together and stabilise. I would have recommended Polysorbate 20 but after reading about the processing method on a site called Chemical of the Day, I am now looking for a 'safer' product. Hope this has been useful to you.

Forgot to mention NEW
by: Anonymous

Forgot to mention glycerin and bees wax too.

I just tried reheating the cream and mixing it it again and waiting to see if it holds uo this time. I didn't heat the rose water the first time and hoping that reheating all ingredients to same temp will resolve this. I'll let you know.

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