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Using Essential Oils in Soy Candle Making

by Diane
(Australia )


Hi, I'm from Australia. I love your site! Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, I can't find another website like yours in Australia!

I'm having trouble with scenting my soy wax candles - trying to get cold and hot throw. It's not working!!

I bought a soy candle and fell in love with it.
Its hot and cold throw was so strong it filled up my whole house. I just loved it.

Now I'm starting to make my own candles. I thought it would be easy! Didn't realise how complicated until after getting in to it.

I'm confused now after reading your web site saying essential oils are better than fragrance oil due to being more natural. I had no idea - thought only fragrance oil is made to be used in soy wax, and essential oils for soap, etc.

I'm not very good at converting your measurements because in Australia we use ml or kg or litres.
You guys use oz, which I find confusing.

I've been searching for the past 3 weeks how much fragrance oil to put in my soy wax. Of course, I undertand it depends on how much soy wax I'm using as well.

Just so frustrated to the point where I'm almost losing hope and interest. Thanks for your time.

Kind regards, Diane


Hi Diane, making candles is one of the trickier aromatherapy projects, so you're not alone in feeling frustrated.

Essential oils ARE more natural than fragrance oils, but they'll never give you the hot or cold scent throw you get from fragrance oils. Essential oils are just not as strongly scented. So if you want a strong scent throw, use fragrance oils instead of essential oils.

Different types of wax accept different amounts of fragrance oil, but a good rule of thumb is 30 mls of fragrance oil for every 454 grams of wax.

You want your fragrance oil to be roughly 4-6% of your total recipe.

You might find that your local craft store has classes you could join. Or you could ask if they'd be willing to set some up. Or check your local classified ads for handmade candles and see if a crafter in your area would be willing to teach a small class. You might find it helpful to get some hands-on coaching instead of trying to struggle through on your own.

I hope that helps, Diane. Good luck!

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essenatil oil & wax separation NEW
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why does the essential oil not mix proeprly with soy wax? The oil seems to sepearte on the top after a while

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in australia too NEW
by: natalie

hey i just came across this and im in australia too and i need to talk someone about using essential oils in candles too. if any of you ladies in australia see this can you please look up and message me through there. id love togive you my number or vice versa so we could have a chat on the phone. thanks so much!

Fragrance measurements NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Dianne, I found a website aussiecandlesupplies in Australia which is really helpful with wick thickness and fragrance measurements! And so far I've been trialling mine by giving to family members and feedback has all been great and they measure in mls and grams :) easy for us Aussies

essential oils quantity NEW
by: Amanda

I am getting good results with approx 15ml essential oil per litre of soy wax (approx 750g wax flakes). Scent can burn off a bit if added too hot, so let wax cool a bit first. Stir well. Go Aussies! Lol!

Essential Oils for Soy Candle Making NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Rachael,

It depends of what type of soy wax you're using - start by checking your package instructions.

If they don't say, then generally about 3 - 5% is good.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Essential Oil in Soy Wax NEW
by: rachael

Hi, I am making candles and have been using fragrance oils and my grandmother is quite sensitive to things like that so she has been requesting I make candles with essential oils. I was wondering if you could tell me how much in percentage I should add of essential oils?

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