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Using Beeswax in Hair Conditioner Recipes

by Jeanne


I seem to be finding disputing claims all over the web regarding whether or not you can use beeswax as an emulsifier in natural hair conditioner recipes. Even when I clicked on your "sources" link, Mountain Rose Herbs showed a page of waxes (including beeswax).

When I tried to make the conditioner recipe with beeswax, I think I mis-measured something because as soon as the (warm) water/infusion hit the oil & melted wax mixture, it hardened instantly. Only about 1/4 cup of the water mixed in (the rest was in a permanent state of separation).

Since I hadn't added the EO's yet, I opted to toss the rest of the water, change up the EO's, and make the thick solution (jojoba, grapeseed, and beeswax) into a hand salve.

When I re-attempted the effect with the only other option I had in the house (extra virgin coconut oil), the outcome was really runny (no big surprise). But even MRH doesn't expressly state what makes up their emulsifying wax and that makes me a tad leery.

So... any suggestions? Is the idea of merging an infusion with anything containing beeswax a lost cause? Or is it simply a matter of temperature (the infusion was lukewarm as instructed). Thanks!


Sadly, my personal take on this is that using beeswax as an emulsifier is a lost cause.

I tried six ways from Sunday to make beeswax work in lotion recipe after lotion recipe. I always had separation, and I found it tricky to get the consistency consistently right.

Like you, I'm not thrilled about using less than 100% natural ingredients, but in the end I decided that having a good final product was more important to me than perfect ingredients. I caved and bought emulsifying wax (justifying it by saying, "Well, there's only about a tablespoon in there...")

I think you're going have separation issues with any lotion or hair conditioner recipe using beeswax to emulsify the oil and water. Now you're just going to have to decide how much tolerance you have for the separation. Sorry :/


For anyone looking, here's a link to Mountain Rose's emulsifying wax.

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Beeswax emulsification problems NEW
by: Gabrielle

Beeswax, contrary to claims, is not - in itself - an emulsifier, but it is ever so lovely in formulations.

As far as I'm aware, the only way Beeswax can work in a water-in-oil product - (and I'm by no means an expert) - is to use Borax and Lecithin to create an emulsification system.

There is a site that advises how to emulsify lecithin, borax and beeswax that you might find interesting - it's called 'natural beauty workshop' (you'll need to add a dot com after that), and the article on that site is entitled 'emulsion the magic trick of creams and lotions'.

The only product I've made so far with beeswax and borax (no lecithin) was an old fashioned cold cream but I'd like to try making a hair conditioner (because I know it can be done, I just haven't figured out how yet).

Failing that, you can always use a ready-made emulsifying wax like BTMS, Polawax or eWax.

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