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Tea Tree Facial Wash Recipe

by Lauryn


This is my first time making my own essential oil products. I have very little experience with essential oils, but a family member, who has been using essential oils for years, suggested tea tree oil as a remedy for my problem skin.

Through a web search, I found this site, and I am very impressed. However, while I have decided to attempt to make the tea tree oil facial wash, I feel kind of clueless, and I would appreciate any info that you can give (especially concerning where to find/buy storage bottles with pump dispensers).
Thx so much!

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Thanks! NEW
by: Kyley

Thanks Sylvie!

Tea Tree Facial Wash Recipe NEW
by: Sylvie


I get my bottles and jars from Saffire
They have a wide selection of kinds of stuff. They're in Courtland, ON. They accetp credit card and paypal orders. Happy blending!!!

Facial Wash Recipe NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Brandy,

It is supposed to be that thin - you're not doing anything wrong. You might find it easier to use if you put it in a spray bottle, spritz it onto your face and then wipe it off with a cotton pad. You'll still want to rinse with water afterwards.

If you want something more like a liquid soap, buy a bottle of liquid castile soap, water it down to your preferred thickness and add the essential oils from the recipe.

You might find that works better for you. That said, it may dry out your skin, which often causes more acne since the skin overcompensates by creating more oil to counteract the dryness caused by the soap.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

Too thin? NEW
by: Brandy

I made this face wash and it seems very thin and watery to me. I am wondering if I did something wrong or if that is the way it is supposed to be. I have a hard time using it that way.

Tea Tree Facial Wash
by: Kyley

Yes, your face is getting clean!!! In fact, it's probably cleaner than when you were using all those yucky ingredients on them.

Thanks for pointing out the mistake I made with the Witch Hazel. I switched the recipe to lime or lavender hydrosol because I like them better, but I forgot to change to intro. So, no you're not missing something, I'm just losing my mind! I'll fix it...

I hope you're enjoying your cleanser now that you're getting used to it :)

Just made tea tree facial wash
by: Sfrench

I'm new to all of this too and just made my first batch of tea tree oil facial wash. I put it in the bottle of cleanser I just ran out of. It's not fun, but it's practical and does the trick for the time being.

I'm having a difficult time transitioning from a cleanser that was sudsy (and had about 1,000 ingredients) to this one that isn't. Is my face really getting clean?! Also, the intro mentions witch hazel but that is not an ingredient in the recipe. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the great website!

Bottles for aromatherapy recipes
by: Kyley

Hi guys,

Thanks Gill for jumping in with that helpful answer. In Canada I use new Directions Aromatics for bottles and jars. They have branches in other countries too, so that might work for you, Lauryn. Good luck!

where to find equipment
by: gill


If you google aromatherapy equipment it will come up with loads of companies that sell this.

I have been using one called essential oils online, for over a year now and I am very impressed with the quality of oils but also how helpful they are, if you have any quieries you can ring and 9 times out of ten the can sort your problem out for you.

I don't know where about you are from this is based in england and I think does not mail out overseas because of the liciensing laws that are now in place.

They also sell all your bottles to store your products in and again I have found these more than adequate for what I use them for.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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