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stressed out diabetic.......and thats only the beginning!

by helen
(canterbury, kent, uk)

I've had an underactive thyroid since age of 11 years old and then age 14 I discovered I was an insulin dependent diabetic. A few years after I left school/college, I discovered I also had a sleeping disorder.

My sleeping disorder is not happening so frequently as it's controlled with tablets but obviously I'll always have to take my thyroid tablets - plus of course my insulin injections.

Then I had a blood clot on my left kidney. I'm getting better but now I'm on anti-clot medication - forever but apparently only a precaution?!

Anyway now that I've got the explanation of my health out of the way, I'll ask the question... basically my bad health has got me down. Recently I seem to be having mostly really really bad days - I keep letting everything get on top of me, I'm worried that I'll end up back on the anti depressants again, so before it gets that bad, will you help me please?

I need to know if aromatherapy is safe for me with all my health issues. Can you please suggest a recipe to me for getting rid of my nasty mood swings, irritability, stress, etc... I need to feel happy and confident again instead of feeling that I've got no energy. Thanx

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