Soy Candle Making

Ideas, tips and tricks for making decorative soy candles (plus how-to videos)

Soy candle making can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. But it's always a lot of fun!

This page shares all the great tips, tricks and resources I've come across in my candle making adventures.

If you're looking for step-by-step instructions for soy candle making read the linked page first, then jump back here for additional soy wax candle information.

Okay, let's jump right into the soy candle making tips and tricks...

Tips for working with wicks for soy candles

For making soy container candles, I like using a pre-waxed wick with a metal tab on one end. Then you can just use a little bit of hot glue or wick putty to hold the metal tab in place in the bottom of the jar.

(Sometimes I'm lazy and I just mash it into place with my fingers - it usually sticks reasonably well.)

For small candles like votives, use a clothespin to keep the wick centered at the top of the container.

For larger aromatherapy candle recipes, if you're using a pre-waxed wick (which is slightly stiff) prop the top end of the wick against a pencil or popsicle stick laid across the top of the container to keep it centered.

If you're using a soft wick, tie the wick onto the pencil and lay the pencil over the top of the jar to keep it centered.

To re-use a jar that has already held a candle

  1. If the wax is hard, put the container in the freezer overnight. Next morning, shake out the wax (it will be brittle) and warm the glass up to room temperature.
  2. Scrape out as much of any remaining wax as possible using a spoon wrapped in a rag or paper towel (to avoid scratching the glass.)
  3. Fill the glass with boiling water. Let it soak until the wax floats to the surface. After it cools, skim off the wax with a spoon.
  4. Dump out the water and wash the container in hot, soapy water.
  5. If there's any glue or other sticky gunk on the outside of the container, clean it off using a product like "Goo Gone", which you can usually find in office supply stores.

Preventing Shrinkage in Glass Jar Candles

Sometimes the soy wax can pull away from the sides of your jar and make funny looking blotches on the sides. (This is only a problem if you're using clear glass, of course.)

One way to help prevent this is to group your candles closely together and wrap them in a towel once the wax is poured. You want to slow down the cooling process, because rapid cooling increases shrinkage.

Using a container such as a cup or frosted glass eliminates the problem entirely - and they still look pretty!

Crafty Ideas for Your Decorative Soy Candles

Here's a quick video on wrapping the base of your candle with leaves and raffia. A row of them down the center of your table would be beautiful for a dinner party.

How to Decorate a Pillar Candle video

Simple, but so elegant!

Here's another wonderful soy candle making idea... My friend gave me a rustic candle holder I just love. She got a birch branch, cut it about 6" tall and drilled a hole in the top just the right size to hold a tea light. Then she tied some raffia around it and tucked in a sprig of plastic berries. It's so pretty, and when it runs out I just put in a new tea light.

The internet is packed with sites with great ideas for decorative soy candles. If you have a favorite candle site or decorating project to recommend, it would be lovely if you'd take a moment to share it. Just type it into the form below to create a web page with your ideas.

Here's another great soy candle making trick. People know I love candles, but they often don't realize that I don't love paraffin wax candles (how could I - they're toxic!) so I've been given some really pretty paraffin candles I'll never burn. So I cut out a tealight-sized hole in the top, and now I tuck soy wax tealight candles inside and burn them. I just replace them when they run out.

Making Your Own Candle Molds

I found this cool Martha Stewart video on making your own candle molds using a silicone mixture, and I thought it was such a great idea I included it here.

Martha Stewart silicone mold video

Isn't that great? I saw other videos of people making candle molds using tree branches, action figures, turtle statues - I can think of a million neat ideas to try!

If you've done this craft, we'd love to hear about it. I'd be delighted if you'd take a second to share your story in the candle making chat box below.

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