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Soy Candle Making Help - Wax Stuck to Wicks

by Phill Mantell
(Ipswich Qld)

After pouring the soy candles and after some time cooling, there is a small ring of wax stuck the the wick a millimeter above the candle surface. Any thought or ideas?

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wax stuck to wicks response
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I had this same issue and after some research I stumbled across a sight that suggested gently heating it with a hairdryer to get a nice smooth finish... It worked :-)

Good luck hope it helped

by: Phill Mantell

Would be nice to limit it so they look that much more nicer to customers.

Wax Climbing Up Wick
by: Kyley

Hi Phill,

I'd say not to worry about it. It won't affect the burning of the candle or anything. It's just a natural part of the candle making process.

Thanks for asking - I'm sure you're not the only one who wondered about this!

Good luck with your candle making :)


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