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Scenting SoyTarts and Melts

by Sandy

I am using soy golden blend GW444. I am making tarts/melts. After melting the wax, it cools a bit then I add me FO. The smell fills my home.

I pour into tart molds and the plastic tart containers. I had a wonderful cold scent.

I was reading to let it age a bit so after a couple of weeks I put a tart in my wax burner and as it got hot, there was no scent throw. I had to stand over it and put my nose down to it to get a scent from it. I can smell it very strongly when it is cold, in fact I used one in a closet to scent it - I smell it everytime I go into the closet.

I am so unhappy with NO scent when it is heated. It had scented up the whole house while I poured them and You would think it was hot at that time and put off such a wonderful scent - why then when it cooled and sat for a few weeks it has NO scent when warmed??? I have poured alot of these.

What to do now? Any suggestions, and can I re-use the wax I have in the tart containers?

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You would NEW
by: Clark_T

You would think it was hot at that time and put off such a wonderful scent.

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Kamran Khan NEW
by: Anonymous

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Scent Throw Problems NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Sandy,

Unfortunately I'm not sure why the scent throw is so bad when hot. I can say you're not alone in having this problem! People using essential oils and people using fragrance oils have asked about it.

Some sources say it's because soy wax doesn't hold as high a percentage of fragrance as paraffin.

One source says the wax needs to be at 185F when the fragrance oil is added or it will not go into solution. The result is poor cold/hot throw and a candle with all the fragrance oil pooled at the bottom of the container.

Here's a link to some forum posts that might help...

Sorry I can't be of more help :(

Best of luck!

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