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Relaxing Citrus Chamomile Diffuser Recipe

by Erika
(Hertfordshire, UK)

Q: I once visited a health spa who gave me the recipe for a really calming blend of oils they were burning - I know they were bergamot, orange flower and chamomile, but I lost the recipe with the number of drops of each oil. Can anyone suggest a good combination please?

A: That sounds like a nice soothing blend! I would mix 5 parts Bergamot, 5 parts Orange or Neroli (also known as orange flower, which is awesome but expensive for the good stuff - and cheap brands smell terrible!) and 1 part Chamomile. If the Chamomile smells too faint, add 1 more part Chamomile. I find it's strong and can overpower other oils, so I always start small and work my way up.

I say "parts" instead of drops because how much you'll need depends on the type of duffuser you have. For example, I use an Aroma-Ace nebulizer, which takes a 15ml bottle of oil, so I would blend into the (included) bottle.

Here's some links for buying the oils you'll need in case you're missing any :)

Bergamot essential oil

Chamomile essential oil

Neroli essential oil

Orange essential oil


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aroma NEW

Chamomile is so rare and hard to find that your links will definitely serve me good! Thank you very much for tipping great mixture of oils!

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