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Questions about Snoring Recipe

by Cindy

Hi Kyley, First let me say I thoroughly enjoy your site and all the recipes you give us!

I have these questions on the Stop Snoring Massage Oil Recipe -- being called a massage oil makes me think you are to use it for massage, but where exactly? On the face, throat, chest?

Also, should you massage right before bed, 30 minutes before, just sometime earlier in the day, or when? And would it be helpful if you just spread a few drops on your pillow or if you diffused it in the bedroom for awhile before bed, instead of using it as a massage oil?

I know lavender helps you relax, and Maggie Tisserand says in her book "Aromatherapy for Women" p. 23 that 'on the nights when she has used marjoram (for insomnia), she sleeps deeper than normal' and I like both of these essential oils. I'm a little concerned about the lemon and photosensitivity because I don't know how much or how often you use it will cause that.

But I'd like to give this recipe a try, so if you have a chance to comment on these questions, I'd appreciate it.


Comments for Questions about Snoring Recipe

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Great site NEW
by: Anonymous

ohh Great. I have heard about snoring device and snoring pillows http://dpillow.comwhich is good for sleeping but its a different story

Aromatherapy Snoring Remedy
by: Kyley

Hi Cindy,

Yay! I'm so happy to hear the snoring recipe worked for you. And I love the way you adapted it. I'm going to put a note on the recipe page suggesting your spritzer as an alternative. Thanks so much for sharing the idea!


Your Stop Snoring blend is great!
by: cindy

Kyley, I should have replied immediately after I made up your blend, but guess I just got busy. It WORKS! Instead of making it into a massage oil though, I just used the lavender, marjoram and lemon to make a blend and added that to some chamomile flower water I had. Wow, it smells great! I just spritz my face and pillow with that, and wah-lah!, no more snoring! Both my husband and I use it and we are so thankful for your post.
BTW, I just recently became the snore monster in our house. After hearing hubby snore for years and not being that bothered by it, when I began to snore he was like the princess & the pea -- couldn't handle it! LOL. So he's especially grateful for this most pleasant answer to our little problem. Thanks ~

Answers for Snoring Recipe
by: Kyley

Cindy, thanks for a great post! Those are excellent questions. Here's the answers to them...

You can massage the blend pretty much anywhere - I'd suggest concentrating on the belly, chest and neck for best anti-snoring results. If you don't have sensitive skin, you could also massage a tiny bit into your cheeks, chin and under your nose. Don't get it in your eyes!

I'm not sure of the answer to the timing question. I think you could use the blend anytime between 20 minutes before bed to just before lying down. It doesn't take long for essential oils to get to work! My best advice is to experiment with the timing and see what works best for you. And then let us know what you find out! :)

I wouldn't recommend dropping the blend on your pillows - it could stain them - but the diffuser idea is excellent. Just use the same number of essential oils (without the carrier oil, of course!) in your diffuser. Maybe start diffusing 15 minutes or so before going to bed.

The lemon essential oil is safe to use on skin at night. You really only have to worry about using any of the citrus oils on skin before going out into the sun. Photosensitivity doesn't build up over time or anything like that.

Thanks again Cindy for your excellent post. I hope this helped, and I hope you enjoy the recipe!


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