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Question About Making Soy Container Candles

by Kim B

When I pour a soy container candle, the instructions I follow are identical to yours. Here is my problem. After the poured candle cools for about an hour, I poke a few holes (about 3 holes) to release any air bubbles. I use a toothpick. Then I heat the remaining wax to pouring temp (140-degrees). First I fill in the poked holes and then top-off the candle.

It looks like the holes I poked filled up nicely and the candle topped-off nicely, but when the candle begins to set at least one of the holes still remains. This happens every time I make a soy candle.

What could I be doing wrong?!

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That's all NEW
by: Clark_T

That's all I do, and I've never yet had a problem with air bubbles.

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by: Anonymous

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Frosting NEW
by: Lydia


I have tried making 100% soya candles for the last 2 weeks, and have tried pouring at low temperatures, but everytime my candles are frosted. HELP

soy container candles NEW
by: Lindsay

You can try and pouring slow and steady at a lower temp. Also, you should invest in a heat gun for the tops. You don't have to poke relief holes or do a second pour with a heat gun! Hope that helps!

Air Bubbles in Container Candles
by: Kyley

Hi Bonnie,

Sometimes the wax shrinks as it dries and creates holes or cracks. You're not doing anything wrong, it's just how the wax cools.

The solution is to melt a bit more wax and pour it into the holes until the candle is all nice and full again. Then your candle's complete! (It's sometimes called "recapping" your candle.)

Thanks for asking and good luck!


Wick Trouble
by: Brenda

When I pour my candles they look great until they dry completely then the area surrounding the wick bubbles up and cracks, Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Air Bubbles in Contiainer Candles
by: Kyley

Hey ladies,

I forgot to mention that I don't actually get any air bubbles in my soy container candles. I pour the wax in a constant, slow stream, and it pours in clear so I can see what's going on in the jar.

If there ever were any, I'd probably stir the wax very gently to move the air bubble up and out. Thanks for helping me remember to be more complete in my answer, Gill!

questions about making Soy Container Candles
by: gill

i personally have not made these candles yet (BUT I DO WANT TO), i think that by tapping them before set will sort out the air bubbles, but then on thinking about it i don't think it would really make a difference, you see finished products that you buy with air bubbles in it.

if it was me i would do it with the air bubbles in and light it and see what happens, i personally don't think it would be too much of a problem.

but i will try it to see will let you know how it turns out .

Poking Holes in Container CandlesHi Kim,I ththe a
by: Kyley

Hi Kim,

I think the answer might be amazingly simple: you don't have to poke holes in container candles.

I checked a bunch more candle making "how to" sites on the web in case I was wrong about leaving out this step, but they all just said melt, add wick, fragrance and color, then pour and let set. That's all I do, and I've never yet had a problem with air bubbles.

I'm a hobbyist and not a true expert, but that's what my research found... Hope that helps!

Good luck! Kyley

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