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PLEASE Help me with this! My hair needs NATURAL help!

by Sherilynn Larson
(Canton, Ohio)

Hello! I would be ever so thankful if you could help me with this problem. My hair is coming in grey more and more now (I'm 39 years of age). I HATE seeing ANY grey on myself (It looks great on so many others, but awful on me). So, I have been having my hair colored and highlighted chemically for about five years now.

The last time I had my hair colored, it REALLY damaged my hair, scalp and parts of my face from either an allergic reaction or chemical burn. I'm still healing from that and it's already been three weeks. I'm wondering if the ugly red spots will ever completely go away. Also, the color is a shade too light for my preference. I want to fix the color and get my hair and scalp healthy again! Needless to say, I am opting now to use ONLY all natural products on my hair and scalp for the remainder of my hair coloring days. I've been searching the net for alternatives to chemicals, which brought me here to you.

Here is my specific question. What ingredients would I need and in what amounts would I need them in to cover the grey and to darken a light-to-medium golden brown to a dark-to-medium golden brown? I want my dark hair back! Also, I would like my highlights to be a golden caramel, or golden light brown, not blonde. My hair is VERY fine, so the darker color looks better on me, because it makes it look a little thicker. The light color doesn't show up as well. I can see through it in some areas. So, if you could tell me what I could mix in with the receipt to thicken each strand, that would be GREAT! Please give me specific directions on how to use all this. Since this concept is all new to me, I want to make sure I'm doing all this right!

I want to get working on this right away, as your article states that this method is a process, not a one time event like the chemical brands. I love the idea of mixing my own, natural hair dyes and doing the coloring myself at home. I'm tired of paying a fortune for professional services only to end up with the wrong color, damaged skin and scalp and brittle, dry hair! I should also mention I have had excessive hair loss from the damage done. I really think that it will grow back in, but as I have already mentioned, I have naturally fine hair. Therefore, I don't have ANY at all to lose (except for the normal loss that happens in the growth cycle.)

I will LOVE you FOREVER if you can help me with this! Nothing makes a women feel worse than bad hair, especially at my age when so many undesirable changes are starting to happen at once. I want to be the best I can be at any age and I'm really hoping you can help!


Your desperate hair woman, Sherilynn


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Natural Hair Remedies for Damaged Hair
by: Kyley

Hi Sherilynn,

Wow - what an AWFUL hair experience! I'm not sure how long it'll take your face to heal from the burns. Why don't you try some Kukui Nut, Rosehip or Sea Buckthorn oil to help heal your skin.

For your hair, I'd say your best bet for coloring is henna BUT - and this is critical - DO NOT use henna until ALL your old chemically treated hair has grown out. It will wreck the color.

In the meantime, I'd suggest using the Rosehip or rosemary/sage recipe for covering your gray. Use it every day for a couple of weeks and see what your color evolves into.

If it's not the shade you want, I'd suggest that you keep using the rosemary/sage natural dye, but also use the saffron dye recipe until you're happy with the shade.

Keep using the rosemary/sage regularly, switching it up with the saffron to get your desired color. It's going to take some experimentation and stick-to-it-iveness.

These recipes are very gentle, which is why they take a while for the effects to accumulate. It won't be an instant result, which in your case is good because you'll be able to control the color yourself, seeing day by day what you like.

For your thinness, I'd recommend any of the hair loss remedies on this site. I'm honestly not sure exactly how much damage they can fix, but they certainly won't hurt your hair or scalp. I'd also strongly recommend you try Just Natural's natural thin hair treatment. They also have a bunch of information on why hair thins out and a range of products to help deal with thin hair. Poke around on their website and see what they say.

I don't normally recommend going out and buying products, but your case is extreme and you may benefit from their high-level products.

There's not much more I can suggest. Except maybe see if a short, feathered style might work for you - cut off the damaged hair and wait for new, healthy hair to grow in, working with the recipes as suggested above.

I'm so sorry this happened to you - I know how awful it feels to have bad hair. Hang in there, Sherilynn, and keep taking good care of yourself. Feel free to come back here if you have more questions. Good luck!

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