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No hot throw after candle is lit second time

I am in my first year of making soy container candles. I have had pretty good luck with getting a good hot throw, but today I had one of my “testers” tell me that the sent throw was great the first time she lit the candle.

She said there was a cold throw the second time she went to light the candle but there was no hot throw. I am totally lost on what the problem could be!!! Any suggestions would be helpful.

I have been on the computer researching all morning and have come up empty handed.


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by: Flinn

Maybe the mixture is not made well. Or just try to use a higher quality essential oil. This could be it. Worth trying.

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Same problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Did you find a solution to this, someone has just came back to me with the same problem, great scent throw on first burn, second burn no scent throw.

Thank You! NEW
by: Fawn

Thank you so much for taking the time to offer me advice. I have tested the batch and did not find a problem myself, so it is nice to hear you say I should trust my judgment.

Thank You Juniper! NEW
by: Kyley

Thank you so much for your super-helpful answer!

I have a hard time answering these questions because I always make unscented soy and beeswax candles. I like their natural scent.

So I really appreciate your sharing your expertise. Thanks again :)

impossible NEW
by: Juniper

Could it be that she moved the candle to a larger room? Or she had it lit the second time near a window? Because the essential or fragrance oil is mixed in with the soy when the soy is melted (I'm assuming this is how you made them) the smell is evenly dispersed throughout the candle. People have been making the "smell only lasts at the beginning of the candle" comment for years but that involves candles made with paraffin. Don't take this testing for fact - do more testing in exactly the same situations for your products. In my experience (I am a natural wax candle shop owner) "testers" are often not as accurate and consistent with your candles as you - someone who is invested in making the candles themselves.
On a side note I have found that essential oil soy candles tend to smell stronger after they cure for a couple of weeks where fragrance oil candles smell strong much sooner.

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