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Nit Prevention Home Remedy

Q: Looking for a decent conditioner/leave on spray for my primary school age girls that detangles hair. Their hair looks like they have been dragged backwards through a hedge every morning, and it's a battle to tame and at the same time to try to prevent my daughters catching nits/headlice as they are going round the school... any suggestions? I don't want too cut much off the length of their hair.

A: I don't know of any homemade detangling recipes, but I do have a recipe for a lice prevention home remedy. It's in my eBook, the 5 Oils Toolkit. Here's a sneak preview...

Lice Preventing Hair Rinse

Make a hair rinse by adding 4 drops of Oregano essential oil to a mixture of 1oz vinegar and 1oz water. If you want to improve the scent, add 2 drops each Lavender and Peppermint essential oil to the mixture.

Shake well before using. Apply to hair after shampooing and conditioning, making sure you rub it well into your scalp. Lightly rinse with water. Dry hair and style as usual.

The 5 Oils Toolkitalso includes a lice removing hair treatment to get rid of head lice if your daughters do catch them.

I hope that helps, good luck!

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