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Need help for skin rash

by Laurie

My mom has had a rash on her arms and legs for about 2 years. She's been to the dermatologist and used prescription creams, but nothing gets rid of it. It gets better for a while then gets bad again.

I was just visiting her and put tea tree oil on her arm where it was really bad. By the time I left it was getting better, but I'm afraid she won't keep using it because she hated the smell. I've thought about mixing it with lavender EO, but was wondering what would be the best carrier oil to help with the rash and itching and how much of each EO should I use?

Any suggestions would be wonderful. I really want to help her get rid of this rash. Poor thing is 82 and this is making her miserable.

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Face rash NEW
by: Anonymous

About a week ago, my sister had rash on her neck and face. She had been visiting the dermatologist and using prescription creams but failed unless she found best articles about skin care written by good essay writers. She started feeling a quick change in her skin.

rash NEW
by: Laurie

Thanks Kyley, I will try the rose water and lavender, I'm sure she'll love the smell. My sister and I have been trying for a year to get her to go to an allergist, but she is stubborn and says the dermatologist doesn't think it is an allergy. Maybe after this latest breakout she will change her mind.

Skin Rash NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Laurie,

That's a GREAT idea about the food allergies. My sister gets terrible eczema when she eats wheat and other foods she's allergic to. Imagine how great it would be to fix the underlying problem and not just the symptoms. No more suffering!

My suggestion for treating her rash topically is to make a spray with 1/2 cup distilled water - or even better, rose water - and add 10 drops lavender essential oil. She would shake the bottle and then mist it over the rash.

She might be more inclined to use it because it smells wonderful and it's easy to do. Get a cosmetic type bottle with a fine-mist spray, not a big old garden sprayer type bottle.

If the spray bottle is too hard for her hands to pump, you could make a body oil with 1/2 cup fractionated coconut oil, 10 drops lavender and 3 drops rose or frankincense.

Make sure you put it in a bottle with a dispenser cap or it can spill all over the place. I recommend coconut oil because it's very good for healing problem skin conditions and it has a very long shelf life.

I hope that helps :)

Skin Rash help NEW
by: Anonymous

Have you guys ever thought about food allergies? She could have gained some sort of allergies over time and it could cause a skin rash. I have a Naturopath who advised me to go off of wheat and dairy. Also a food allergy test is around 150-200 dollars, so it's not the cheapest thing, but it can be really worth it! Hope this helps!
P.S. Love yout site!

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