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Tea Tree essential oil
Lemon essential oil
Organic acne skincare

Burns, Bites & Bruises

Lavender essential oil
St. John's Wort herbal oil
Comfrey salve

Colds & Flu

Eucalyptus essential oil
Herbal vapor rub
Elder Berry syrup


Bergamot essential oil
Heart aroma oil
The Blues tea


Chamomile essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Sleep Ease oil
Dream balm
Nighttime tea

Energy & Mental Clarity

Rosemary essential oil
Memory Zest tea


Peppermint essential oil
Ginger syrup

Pain Relief

Warming Ginger massage oil
Muscle Care extract
Arnica massage oil

PMS & Menopause

Clary sage essential oil
Wild Yam extract
Moon Ease tea


Lavender essential oil
Peace tea
Lemon Balm extract

Weight Loss

Grapefruit essential oil
Fennel essential oil
Green tea

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Natural Home Remedies

Easy recipes for making aromatherapy remedies for acne, weight loss and lots more

Making your own natural home remedies is a great way to take care of your family's health using nature's pharmacy - without harmful side effects, toxic chemicals or useless fillers. It also saves you money in doctor's visits and prescriptions.

People get sick in two ways:

1. You lose the battle against viruses and bacteria.

2. You get overloaded with toxins.

Using natural home remedies positions your body to fight off or kill viruses and bacteria, as well as helping your body get rid of toxins stored in your liver, fat cells and other organs.

With these easy aromatherapy remedies and recipes, you can make your own natural home remedies for weight loss... pain... stress... acne... the list goes on! Click on the links to go to specific recipes, or scroll down the page to check out the questions and answers posted by visitors - or ask your own question.

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Other Home Remedy Questions Answered

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Arnica Pain Salve Recipe 
Q: I have some Arnica oil and would like to make a pain salve or cream using it. Does anyone have a recipe or guidance on how much Arnica oil …

Essential Oils to Fade Suntan 
THE QUESTION: Hi, Can you give me a recipe for removing tan caused by sun exposure (hands and feet) using essential oils? THE ANSWER …

Acne Problems on Scalp 
THE QUESTION: People get acne on their face right? Well I get it in my hair. Any recipes to help? Solutions? Do I have oily hair? Please help …

Copaiba vs Helichrysm for Neuropathy 
Can I substitute Copaiba for Helichrysm for neuropathy?

Need help for skin rash 
My mom has had a rash on her arms and legs for about 2 years. She's been to the dermatologist and used prescription creams, but nothing gets rid of it. …

Home Remedy for Psoriasis 
My father in law has really bad Psoriasis. I am trying to come up with a healing, gentle blend for him. So far what I have kind of narrowed it down …

Aromatherapy for Spring Allergies 
It's not even spring quite yet, but my allergies are here. I'm suffering! Please help.

Facial Burn Relief Remedies 
My friend was in a fire accident that left 70% of her face scarred. While the burn healed nicely, her skin is still inflamed and irritated, with red puffiness …

Best Aromatherapy Oils for Sunburn and Rash 
I have dry to normal skin, and I have been using Funbact (a cream) but I decided to stop. Now I have rashes over my face. Can I use almond oil and lavender …

Pimple Help! Best Essential Oils for Acne 
What are the best oils for a pimple just popped to help reduce redness/ inflammation as well as further combating the pimple? Thank you!!

Lotion Recipe for Extremely Dry Skin 
My skin is so dry that I feel it crack. When it does it itches and then it becomes powdery and flaky. I tried bath oils but they don't work for the duration. …

Essential Oils for Smokers Skin 
Hi. Please could you suggest the best essential oils and carrier oils for a smokers skin. Thank you so much.

Essential Oils for Fruit Flies  
I'm having a problem getting rid of some Fruit flies. I have put all the fruit away and checked for rotten food and I still have them. Is there an essential …

Aromatherapy Sleep Remedies for Toddlers 
Can anyone give me suggestions of what essential oils could help my son sleep? He is 19 months old, so they obviously need to be safe for children. He …

Aromatherapy PMS Remedies 
I am new to the idea of making bath salts and spa products, and I have so many questions that I hope you can help me with. First of all allow me to …

Aromatherapy and Eating Disorders 
I am a nurse in an eating disorders unit, and am a complementary therapist. Has anyone got any experiences in seeing aromatherapy work with anorexia …

Aromatherapy Smelling Salt Recipe 
Hello, I have a question about getting a scent that is strong. I want to have a scent that will help with alertness. Something that helps a person wake …

Essential Oils to Sleep Well 
What's the best oil to use to get a good night's sleep?

Homemade Back Pain Gel Recipe 
Looking for a natural pain relieving gel. Do you know of a recipe for back pain gel or cream that can be applied on the back mixed with some sort of essential …

Aromatherapy Remedies for Short Temper 
I have a really short temper and would like to know if I could find any relief to it via aromatherapy. I'm open to all ideas and would greatly appreciate …

Homemade Diaper Rash Remedy 
My baby has a rash on her genitalia that I've seen before on my other girls that the doctor previously said was a yeast infection. I've tried every oil …

Questions about Snoring Recipe 
Hi Kyley, First let me say I thoroughly enjoy your site and all the recipes you give us! I have these questions on the Stop Snoring Massage Oil Recipe …

Homemade Tiger Balm Recipe 
I am looking to make my own tiger balm recipe, but I am having trouble finding a recipe that has the main ingredients. Can anyone help me would really …

Diuretic Recipes 
I am looking for some recipes that use diuretic properties to treat lymphatic drainage and oedema. I have a fair idea of what oils to use but don't …

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Brain Booster Essential Oil Blend 
Q: I want to blend Sandalwood (Santalum album), Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Melissa (Melissa officinalis), Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), …

Can Essential Oils Cause Shingles? 
Q: Have you ever heard of a case of shingles resulting from the use of essential oils? A: Shingles is caused by a virus - the same …

Essential Oil Pain Relief Remedy for Horses 
Q: I was told that a blend of cypress and peppermint is a good combination for the relief of muscle pain/strain. I want to use it on my performance …

Nut Free Aromatherapy Carrier Oils 
Q: I'm allergic to almonds and all nuts, literally. Is there another essential oil I can use instead of almond oil? A: There`s actually …

Best Essential Oils to Prevent Scars 
THE QUESTION: I was walking down the sidewalk and fell on a rising part of the sidewalk caused by an underground tree root. Both of my knees …

Homemade Acne Scar Remedies 
THE QUESTION: I have acne scars all over my body - any bath salts or oils to help? I have all kinds of salts and oils, and I would like to know …

Aromatherapy Home Remedies for Migraines 
THE QUESTION: Hello, my name is Tiffany. I am a migraine sufferer. I usually take medication but right now I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I need help …

Aromatherapy Recipe for Dry Legs 
THE QUESTION: I have been using all the carrier oils I can find on my legs that are for mature skin. They don't absorb, and my legs are dry and …

Dry, Tangled Hair
My hair is getting dry and so messed up...it's too thick, and tangled, with some split ends as well. What should I do to make my hair naturally softer? …

Sleep and Relax 
Hi......I want to sleep through the night. I bought a spray bottle, lavender, marjoram and cyprus oil to mix. On the the Lavender bottle it says to add …

Post Surgery Blend 
Hi All, My mum has just had hip replacement surgery and I'm looking for a recipe to make a recovery blend for her, I've heard that lavender, lemongrass, …

Streaky Windows 
We had a leak in my bathroom, and dirty water ran down the outside of my living room window. Now my windows have streaks all the time; no matter what …

what body scrub / oil is good for getting rid of acne and acne scars ?  
i have acne really bad i do not want to spend a lot of money on making scrubs or buying cleansers, lets say if i do have to spend money i would like to …

Stressed ut diabetic.......and that's only the beginning! 
I've had an underactive thyroid since age of 11 years old and then age 14 I discovered I was an insulin dependent diabetic. A few years after I left school/college, …

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