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Buying Essential Oils for Hair

Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite supplier. I find they have the best price, quality and service.

Here's some quick links to essential oils for your hair type...

Dry Hair

Oily Hair

Hair Loss


Blonde Hair

Dark Hair

Red Hair

Gray Hair

Try Organic Henna. It...

Works for all hair colors (except more than 10% gray.)

Deep conditions hair.

Gives hair a rich, healthy shine.

Fast, effective & long lasting.

Check it out - millions of women SWEAR by this stuff!

(Caution: Do not use if your hair is chemically dyed - the color can react badly.)

Natural Hair Products

Natural hair recipes to make your own great hair products for natural hair

Want beautiful hair... naturally? Making your own all natural hair products will help your hair return to its natural state - shiny, happy and healthy.

Commercial hair products, styling, stress, weather, poor diet and lack of exercise all contribute to dull, dry, lank locks.

These pages deal with the product problem by giving you lots of easy, inexpensive, natural hair recipes you can cook up in your kitchen... and then take into the bathroom and scrub your way to healthier hair (and a more relaxed you!)

Healthy Hair Care

Depending on your hair type, you might need one, two or even a few natural hair products to get your best hair. Click on the links below to go to the recipes.

Shampoo for Natural Hair

Natural Hair Conditioner

Natural Hair Loss Products

Natural Hair Remedies

Natural Hair Dyes

Best Essential Oils for Hair

Use these essential oil blends for your hair type. Simply add them to any unscented shampoo, conditioner or other natural hair recipes.

Note: The number of drops is formulated for 4 to 8 ounces (125 - 250ml) of hair product. Reduce or increase the number of drops according to the recipe.

Hair Color

Blonde Hair

12 drops lemon, 6 drops rosemary OR lavender, 2 drops chamomile

Red Hair

18 drops orange, 1 drop cinnamon, 1 drop ylang ylang

Dark Hair

15 drops sandalwood, 4 drops patchouli, 1 drop clove

Gray Hair

14 drops lavender, 3 drops sage, 3 drops rosemary

Problem Hair

Dry Hair

10 drops lavender, 1 drop each chamomile, clary sage, rose geranium, ylang ylang

Oily Hair

10 drops rosemary, 4 drops juniper OR lavender, 1 drop cedarwood

Thinning Hair

14 drops rosemary, 3 drops bay, 3 drops peppermint


10 drops tea tree, 5 drops lavender, 5 drops rosemary

Cautions: Don't use sage and rosemary essential oils if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy. Do not use essential oils on skin during pregnancy.

Buying Natural Hair Products

Just Naturals Organic Care has a terrific selection of top quality organic hair and skin care products. They also offer some excellent information on different hair conditions, why they happen and what you can do about them. Click on the links to learn more. Tip: most of the educational stuff is at the bottom of each page - scroll down to find it...

Natural Hair Products Help

It's possible (gasp!) that this page won't answer all your natural hair care questions.


For any questions or comments on the recipes (or hair in general) the contact form below will put them out there. Anyone who knows the answer can comment on your entry - so you're tapping into a huge pool of knowledge (and friendly people!)

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Hair Questions Asked and Answered

Click on the links below to see questions and answers from other visitors...

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stop using chemicals and dye hair naturally 
Her hair now is different shades of blondes and browns but she wants to dye her hair a rich burnt orange naturally. Please advise.

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Anyone know of a homemade perm? 
I am severely allergic to hair dyes, and I really would like to have a perm, do you have a suggestion for a more gentle perm, or a homeade solution?

Homemade hair Detangler 
I came across an easy detangler recipe: In a spray bottle fill mostly with distilled or spring water, then add a small amount (depending how strong you …

Using Henna on Dyed Hair 
Hi, If henna might turn chemically treated hair green, what do I use until it grows out? I have not dyed my hair in months, just really busy and …

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Saffron Natural Hair Dye Help 
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How do I make shampoo a bit thicker? 
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Natural blonde hair dye - do I use chamomile leaves or flowers? 
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Restoring honey-colored hair 
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hair conditioner bar recipe 
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natural colouring for a mustache 
my mustache is grey and i need a natural colouring for it,something that works fairly quick yet is organic..thanks

Receipe for clove shampoo and conditioner 
Would you please have a recipe I could follow for making my own clove shampoos and conditioners? I would appreciate your help. thank you!

Hair Question 
When using the natural hair dyes,do you shampoo and condition your hair before or after using the coloring treatment?

Natural Hair Dyes for Dark Hair 
Does one use any of the four herbs or the first two and cherry tree bark or cloves as the third herb. Simmer 1/3 cup walnut shells, black tea, cherry …

Will this simple Olive oil recipe be safe? Did I add too much or not enough essential oil? 
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Black Natural Hair Care 
Got any suggestions for natural Black hair care? Or can you recommend any good websites for African American natural hair care?

Click here to write your own. Natural Hair Dye for Gray Roots 
I am 50 years old and have all gray hair. I have been coloring it in a salon every 3 weeks! I am thinning in the front of my head and am afraid to lose …

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Natural Hair Color to Fix Brassy Orange Hair 
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best oil for homemade hot oil treatment 
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Nit Prevention Home Remedy 
Q: Looking for a decent conditioner/leave on spray for my primary school age girls that detangles hair. Their hair looks like they have been dragged …

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How to preserve homemade hair products 
Q: What would you recommend to use to perserve homemade hair products for longer than a month? A: I use grapefruit seed extract - it's …

Natural Hair Dye Recipes for Dark Hair 
Q: I'm trying to cover up my gray/white with black hair dye but testing it proved bad allergic reaction what can I use that's natural to dye my …

Natural Hair Dye Help... Brown to Blonde? 
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Natural Remedies for Dandruff and Thinning Hair 
Q: I have two hair problems: dandruff and thinning hair.... please tell me what should I do? A: Here's a few links you can check out …

How do you naturally lighten dark hair? 
THE QUESTION How do you naturally color very dark hair? My hair is almost black but has a tinge of brown in the light. I tried the sun and lemon …

Essential OIls for Dandruff in Blond Hair 
THE QUESTION If you have blonde hair and dandruff can you mix the essential oils for both? THE ANSWER The short answer is Yes. I …

Essential Oils for Dry Flaky Scalp  
THE QUESTION What's a good combination of essential oils for dry flaky scalp? I don't want it to smell like medicine. Tea Tree oil is good but …

can you safely dye your hair while you are pregnant? 
My friend is pregnant and wants to dye her hair as it depresses her to see herself with gray hair. Is there a safe way to do this?

Using Henna on Colored Hair 
I am a 34 yr. old Indian and have a brown to black as my natural hair color. I had a problem of graying hair and started applying Henna. But after being …

Hair Question/Problem: looking for natural, revitalising EOs 
I am trying out the all-natural "no-poo" method of washing my hair, using a baking soda and water shampoo rinse and diluted apple cider vinegar conditioner …

Hair loss and dandruff control for straightened hair 
Kindly recommend some methods to prevent hair loss and dandruff control, for straightened hair. Water over here is highly salty so can not wash hair daily. …

naturally color hair 
I want to stop using hair color. I want to go a "natural" way, so I've been trying coffee to color my hair, but I dont know how to color my roots and white …

Question about homemade shampoo 
I just made the homemade shampoo as this website show me. However, when I use it, my hair is not smooth and kind of sticky after I rinse it. Also, my hair …

How to remove blonde dye from naturally greying hair ? 
I used to have very dark brown hair which slowly turned grey over the years ... then i dyed it blonde about 2 months ago ... now it is growing out and …

Removing hair color 
what are the best natural oils that will eliminate hair color?

Shampoo and Conditioner for Baby Hair 
Hello! I love the site and the tips and recepies... and I wonder weather they would be suitable for my 2 year old daughter. Has anyone tried? Thanks!!! …

hair problem split ends 
I am 18, and I have black thick hair but it's damaged and has split ends. I don't have the sources to get coconut virgin oil, but please suggest me some …

What is the best way to thicken hair? 
What is the best way to thicken hair?

Click here to write your own. Natural Hairspray Recipe with Sun and Bug Protection 
Hi! Desperately seeking a homemade recipe for natural hairspray with sun and bug protection with at least a 3 month shelf life. Not asking a lot am I? …

Homemade Hair Oil Recipe 
I want to know how many drops of rosemary, jojoba, vitamin E, and coconut oil should I mix together for my hair.

My hair is too oily or too dry - how do I balance it? 
How can I keep my hair from being too oily and too dry? My hair is thick and super oily. It doesn't matter what I have tried, nothing works!

Question about Natural Hair Dye recipe 
In the recipe for Dark Hair dye, it says 1/3 cup of walnut shells, black tea, cherry tree bark, or cloves. Does it mean just one of those four things, …

Recipes for natural hair dyes 
I want to dye my hair strawberry blond. How can I do that at home?

Natural dye for grey hair  
The question that interests me at this moment is where there is a natural remedy to dye grey stripes of hair without damaging it. Will very much appreciate …

Golden Blond Natural Hair Dye 
Hi everyone, I have a question about changing haircolor. How would you go about getting your natural hair color back after coloring it from a auburn color …

Natural Coffee Hair Dye for Dark Hair 
Can I pour coffee or black tea on my hair to color it?

Can Henna be Used with Other Natural Hair Dye Recipes? 
Can the Natural Rinse, the Saffron Hair Dye, and the Henna recipes all be used together? I like the rinse. It seems that can be used frequently. …

Click here to write your own.

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