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Natural Hair Help: Oily at the Roots but Dry at the Ends

by Maria
(Ann Arbor MI)


First of all, I just found your website. I like your ideas, I'll try them.

Need some advice - my problem is the following:
My daughter who is 17 has very oily hair on the scalp/roots and very dry in the ends.

Her hair is shoulder length. I suggested that she cut off the dry part but she doesn't want that.

We've Latin hair, kind of thick and a little wavy. It is a beautiful texture. I think it needs TLC. Please help us!

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Thanks! NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Bethany,

Thanks for a great post - I love it when people share helpful information - everybody wins! Thanks again :)


i had that same question years ago, this is what I found... NEW
by: Bethany

Any shampoos or conditioners with silicone (look for "cone" at the end of a word in the ingredients)are not good to use on a regular basis. It coats the hair eventually and keeps moisture from actually getting to the hair shaft. I found this website years ago with this info:'cone-freeconditioners
It always drove me crazy that I could have oily hair with dry ends even though I used conditioners so as not to have dry split ends!

Castor Oil Treatment for Dry Hair
by: Kyley

Hi Maria,

Thanks for posting your question. You're right, your daughter's hair needs some TLC. I recommend she use a hot oil castor oil treatment using cold pressed, unrefined castor oil. (Don't buy conventionally processed castor oil - all the healing properties are cooked right out of it.)

Try this: put a few (2 to 5 depending on the length of her hair) tablespoons of castor oil into a heatproof glass jug and heat slowly in a pot of water until warm but not too hot. Take it off the heat and add 10 drops lavender and 1 drop each of chamomile, clary sage, rose geranium and ylang ylang. If you don't have all the eo's just use the castor oil, it will still work.

Then rub the warm oil into the dry parts of her hair, keeping away from the roots as much as you can. Pile her hair up in a plastic bag, then wrap it with a towel. Leave in for an hour or more. Wash a couple of times to get the oil out, and condition as normal. Try this once a week for a few weeks.

You may want to try something else if it weighs her hair down too much over time. My hairdresser swore by mayonnaise - not "whipped dressing", but full fat mayonnaise with eggs and oil and vinegar. Same basic method as above but use mayonnaise instead of the castor oil. It worked for me!

I hope that helps Maria, and good luck!

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