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Natural Hair Dye Help... Brown to Blonde?

by Sarah
(West Chester,PA)

Q: Hi, I'm a natural dirty blonde, and I've been dying my hair a rich chocolate brown for almost a year now. However, I'm getting really tired of the effect of the chemicals on my hair, and I'd like to go back to blonde.

The problem is though, it looks TERRIBLE while it grows out, because my natural color is very cool, and the dyed color is very warm with red tones. Is there any way to accelerate the lightening process naturally?

A: Sadly, I really don't think so :(

Henna won't work, and you don't want to turn your hair green by accident anyways. Lemon, chamomile and the like won't change red/brown enough to get where you want to go.

Much as I hate to say this, I would suggest you dye your hair with commercial dye one last time, matching as closely as possible to your natural color. Then you can use natural highlights or whatever after your hair settles down.

Best of luck!

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