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Massage Candle Won't Burn

by Cindy

Q: I mixed up a very large batch of 1/2 soy wax, and the other half a combination of almond oil, cocoa butter.

For some reason the mixture this time went creamy not clear, and won't burn. The flame burns a bit, sputters, does not create a pool of oil, but looks more like a dark caramel type of burning around the wick?

I have used all these ingredients before many times with much success, including the wicks.

Could I have burned the soy wax or the sweet almond oil?

A: Well, I'm mystified! If you've used the same recipe successfully in the past, and you followed the same method as always, I can't imagine what might have gone wrong. Did you do anything differently? Did everything look, smell and act the same as usual in this last batch?

My first instinct is to think it's a problem with the wicks. Are they from the same batch of wicks as the ones you used before? I once had a bad batch of wicks even though they were the same type from the same company. I ended up returning them and they sent me replacements.

Anyone else have any ideas?

For other folks who land on this page, here's how to make your own massage candles. Enjoy!

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