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making soy mason jar candles

by molly

Q: I'm trying to make soy candles in mason jars. I want to make them three color striped, purple lavender, green honeydew and pink grapefruit.

I started the first layer purple and now that it has hardened I hate the shade of purple it is. How can I fix this and start over?

I've got 15 mason jars that already have an inch or two of whitish purple with the lavender scent and wick already in there. I want to get it out and remelt it somehow. Please, please save me.

A: Try this: Put your mason jars on a cookie sheet in a 215-220 degree oven and heat them until the wax is melted. Pour the liquid wax back into your candle-making pouring pot and start again, adding more purple dye to the wax.

Wash out your jars to prep them for your next attempt, and be sure to use new wicks.

This will only work for the first layer, so you might want to do a test batch of the other colors in their own containers before layering. Just a thought :)

Good luck!!!

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