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Making shampoo and conditioner from a base


I just bought some shampoo base, conditioner base, jojoba oil, rice bran oil and silk peptides and was wondering how much oil do I add to the bases for 8 oz bottles? I am really clueless and any recipes or help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Essential Oils for Dry Hair
by: Raji


I tried adding the lavender and rosemary oil in shampoo base, it gave amazing results.

Add 2 drops of lavender add 4 drops of rosemary to a carrier oil. Massage on head, leave aside for 3 hours at least, then massage head with any massager or probably with your finger tips.

After this comb your hair well, wrap with a hot cover/towel, then after 15 mins wash hair with mild shampoo base with lavender and rosemary in above said proportion.

Condition hair with your own conditioner. It will be good if it has jojoba extracts. Rinse hair with warm water, then dry hair on its own.

You'll get silky smooth hair, you won't believe it. Just 4 sittings done in a gap of 12 days gave me amazing results. It's an ancient spa technique used for converting rough hair to smooth.

To make sure on daily basis your scalp is not dry, massage a little almond oil into your scalp.

With patience try this and let me know. Write to to explore more on essential oils and its recipes, as I'm doing research on this via net. I want to learn and share my knowledge on this with all aroma and spa lovers.

by: Simone

Thanks for your swift answer!

Blending carrier and essential oils for hair
by: Kyley

Hi Simone,

Specifically for your mix, the shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil are carrier oils, while the patchouli, ylang ylang, sweet orange and sandalwood are essential oils.

So you would dilute some of the patchouli blend into the combination of carrier oils you've chosen. If you mixed 1 tablespoon of each of the carrier oils, you might start by adding 10 to 20 drops of the essential oil blend and see if that's strong enough. (I think it will be, unless your essential oil blend is already diluted in a carrier oil - you'd have to check the label.)

It sounds like an awesome recipe, by the way! Let us know what it does for your hair :)

I hope that helps, and good luck!


Essential Oils or Hair
by: Simone


I'd like to make an essential oil mix for topical application on my hair (scalp and ends). I'd like to put in shea butter oil, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, patchioli, ylang ylang, sweet orange mix, sandalwood (the last four come all together in one bottle by a company). Do I need to dilute this? I'm afraid I'm not too clear on the distinction between "essential oils" and say, olive oil.


Adding Essential Oils to Shampoo
by: Kyley

Hi Janette,

I'm not sure I understand the question. Essential oils are super-concentrated - they come in little dark bottles with dropper caps so you can count out the drops one by one.

Are you using some other kind of oil that's being called an essential oil, or are you using an essential oil diluted in an oil base? Sometimes the really expensive essential oils come diluted in base oils to make them more affordable.

If you're using an essential oil diluted in some other substance, you don't want to add it to your shampoo at all - it'll make it greasy. For the pure, undiluted essential oils, you can add 10 to 20 drops to your shampoo.

I hope that answers your question - if not, give me a little more detail on what exactly you've got there and I'll try to help. Thanks for your question!


by: Jeanette

What about if the essential oil that your using is undiluted? Should it be diluted before adding to shampoo or do you just use a lesser amount?

How to add essential oils to shampoo base
by: Kyley

Hi there,

Good for you for making your own shampoo - your hair will love you!

I would say you can add 10 to 30 drops of essential oil to 8oz of shampoo base. I find that 10 to 20 is enough because they're quite strong and the scent seems to intensify as they sit in the bottle.

I'd love to hear what essential oils you blend for your shampoo - please come back here and share your results! Good luck!


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