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make a photo candle or hurricane shell with Soy wax

by Kyle
(Columbus, Ohio)

Is it safe to make a photo embedded candle with Soy wax and also is it safe to make a hurricane candle shell with Soy wax. I have researched for hours and can not find my answer or reasoning.

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Thank you I will look for that

two types of soy wax
by: Kyley

Hi Kyle,

I should have mentioned in my earlier comment that there are two types of soy wax - a softer type for container candles and a harder type for pillar candles. The harder soy wax for pillars is often blended with another type of wax which helps it hold its shape without the support of a jar.

Just make sure you buy wax that's specifically intended for making soy pillar candles. (If it doesn't say it's for pillar candles, it probably isn't.)

Hope that helps!

thank you
by: Anonymous

The reason I ask is because I have read that you shouldn't make a Soy candle or Pillar candle without a jar or some kind of casing because it is a softer wax and can I guess basically collapse and start a fire. I will keep trying to research it. I will make one just to try it and try to remember to post my results. I just recently decided to start making candles so I haven't even got my starter kit yet so it will be a while before I post my results. Thank you for your input.

If anyone else has any idea any input would be appreciated.

Soy wax good for photo candle
by: Kyley

Hi Kyle,

Although I'm not an expert, it seems to me that soy wax would work for photo candles and hurricane shell candles because soy wax burns at a lower temperature from paraffin wax, which is the typical wax those crafts are usually geared towards. I would be worried if soy burned hotter, but a cooler burn temp would be safer, not less so.

Why not try making a photo candle and test it? If you keep a careful eye on it (don't leave the room while it's burning) you should have your answer. I promise I wouldn't recommend this if I didn't think it was safe!

And then come back and tell us the results - upload a picture even! We'd love to see your creations!

Good luck,


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