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Is Cinnamon Essential Oil Toxic?

by Chloe

Q: Hi, I was plannning to make a soy candle and to put some essential oils in it; the recipe I found was using Cinnamon Leaf EO, Clove Bud EO, Ginger EO and Sweet Orange EO. But I did a bit of reading (after I bought the EOs...) and it seems that cinnamon leaf and clove bud EO could be toxic and not recommended (even for diffusion).

What do you think? Information is not always the same depending on the website sources or sellers... :(

A: I know waht you mean! There's a lot of conflicting information out there, and it's hard to know what's true and what's false.

Cinnamon and clove oil may be irritating to some people who are sensitized (or "allergic") to those spices.

That said, they're fine for most folks, especially when used in small amounts in a diffuser or candle. Irritation or "toxicity" is more a concern when they're used on skin, since they're "hot" oils and can cause redness and itching.

My guess is that you'll be fine to use them in your soy candle making.

I hope that helps :)

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