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Ingredients for Making Edible Body Butter

by Vicki Shaw
(Cape Cod, MA)

Q: I want to make the honey kissed massage butter, which is supposed to be edible.

A customer asked me to make her one scented with Egyptian Musk. That one is definitely not edible, however, now she has asked me to make her a pot of the edible massage butter. Your recipe says that it can be licked off the body if there is no essential oil used to scent.

But when I looked at my tubs of shea butter and cocoa butter, it says on them that they are not for ingestion. What about the Apricot Kernel or Jojoba oils that are used in the recipe? Are those ingestable? I don't want to poison my customer!

She has chosen for flavor one of the flavor oils I use in my lip balm, and of course I will use the honey powder. That's ok, right?

A: Yes, that massage cream recipe is edible, if you buy food-safe shea butter and cocoa butter and you use the apricot kernel oil. It sounds like the shea and cocoa butters you have are cosmetic grade, so you'll need to buy food grade instead. Here's a link to one I found on (I searched on the phrase "edible shea butter")

Pure Organic Raw Virgin Shea Butter

You can also get edible cocoa butter
from, as well as apricot kernel oil and honey powder... Great place to shop, especially if you have Amazon Prime for free shipping :)

If you want, you could replace the apricot kernel with grapeseed oil, which is easy to find and inexpensive. It's my new favorite carrier (and salad) oil!

And it should be fine to use the lip balm flavor - I'm assuming it's food safe also. Good luck - I'm sure your client will love your creation!

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Suggestion for any Edible Body Butter Recipe NEW
by: Vicki Shaw

I think it would be very helpful if the recipe specified that one should look for the edible (raw, unrefined) butters, as is mentioned in the reply to my original question.

Being an experienced crafter, I immediately questioned the use of the shea and cocoa butters after reading on the labels of my tubs that they are cosmetic grade and not for human consumption, I posted my question. Another crafter may not have questioned. I believe all recipes should be very specific when indicating that the product is edible.

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