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I don't like the smell of my essential oil in my body butter

by Jenn
(Gilbert, AZ)

How do I remove a scent from my body butter? I've cooked it back down, added more Shea. Letting it sit over the heat in hopes it will cook out! With a wooden spoon in it. Any suggestions?

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Scent Fix for Body Butter Recipe NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Jenn,

You already tried the first thing I would have done - reheat and hope it cooks out the smell. If that doesn't work, you can try adding some other complimentary essential oils to cover the scent of the one you don't like. Failing that, I'd say you just have to throw it out and start a new batch :(

Are you using good quality essential oils? I've seen a few comments lately about essential oils that smell bad. This often happens when a supplier uses poor quality plant matter and/or dilutes the essential oil with synthetic compounds to stretch it and make it cheaper to produce (thus cheaper to sell.) There's no regulatory standards for essential oils right now, which means suppliers aren't held accountable for the quality of their products, and they can say whatever they want about them.

Anyhow... I'll get off my soapbox now :)

I hope your body butter can be rescued. Let me know how it goes - I'd love to hear your results. Good luck!

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