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How to Make Natural Hair Loss Oils

by Hicham

Hi guys, I would like to know how to mix oils together, I suffer from hair loss and I bought a couple of natural oils- 6 types - and now I want to know how could I mix them.

Thanks lots.

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Shahid Jabeen NEW
by: Anonymous

If you are facing hair fall issue then you can easily make a natural hair loss oils by follwing these steps. Our rushessay services can help all newbies and young students during exams.

My recipes for hair loss
by: China Mom

Hi, my daughter was losing her hair in patches and first of all I reconsidered her diet. And consulted doctors. Out of 5, 4 doctors suggested she was low on Zinc, Calcium and vit D. And they suggested to increase the amount of vegetable and fruit in her diet. So you might want to check with a nutrition and also consider checking your digestive system for any disorders.
I made the following mix for her hair: 1 tbs spoon virgin olive oil + 1 egg yolk (raw). Make sure the egg white doesn't get in there. Thoroughly till a little foamie. Massage into your roots all over the head for 5-10 min. Cover with a plastic and then with a towel. Keep it for 30 minutes. Wash thoroughly with your regular shampoo.
Optional: add 1 teaspoon of honey, mix until it dissolved well. My daughter and I are allergic to it, so I don't use it.

Another mix I did is 1 tbspoon of 100% coconut oil, 1/2 teaspoon of castor oil and 1 teaspoon of amla oil. Mix them well, apply on your roots and keep for as long as you wish. Castor oil is hard to wash off, so you might need to wash your hair a couple of times.

Good luck!

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