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How to Make Body Butter

Basic method for making aromatherapy body butter... plus ask your body butter questions

Okay, this page starts with the basic method for how to make body butter, which is surprisingly easy (not to mention fun!) once you get the hang of it.

Next you'll find links to some aromatherapy body butter recipes, including massage candles, lotion bars, whipped butters and others.

It finishes with a Body Butter Q & A section where you can ask any questions I haven't answered. Ready... Set... Go!

How to Make Body Butter: Basic Method

  1. Place the butter base(s) in the top part of a double boiler, warming slowly over a low heat until they're melted. Cook at a low heat for about 20 minutes. Do not allow them to boil (or even simmer!)

  2. Remove from heat and add the carrier oils, essential oils and any other ingredients. Using a metal spoon, stir to combine. (A wooden spoon absorbs the scent of essential oils.)

  3. Let the mixture sit for several hours to cool and set.

  4. For a firm body butter, pour the mixture into a deodorant tube or silicone cupcake mold. (You're basically making a body butter bar.)

  5. For a lighter, whipped butter, whip with an electric hand mixer every hour or so as it's setting, to aerate it and lighten the texture. You can do this for up to 8 hours or so.

  6. Spoon the whipped butter into dark glass or PET plastic jars.

Handy Hint

Here's a little secret on how to make body butter: If you're finding it hard to get a light enough texture with the recipe you're using, replace some of the harder butters (such as cocoa or mango) with a softer butter (such as shea). You can also replace some of the butter with oil (although some may find this too greasy) or even lotion.

Aromatherapy Body Butter Recipes

Here's some links to aromatherapy body butter recipes... plus a little extra information on the properties of different types of butter and a body butter Q & A.

Just Natural Organic Care is a lovely little company I found with many ready-to-go natural body butters.

Lush Lavender Aromatherapy Body Butter

Sparkling Citrus Body Butter

Soothing Shea Butter Lotion Bar

Sweet n' Spicy Body Butter Massage Cream

Moonlit Melts Massage Oil Candles

Info on Types of Butter Bases

Body Butter Q & A

... Wondering what type of body butter is best for your skin?

... Having problems getting the consistency right?

... What if you can't find a body butter ingredient?

Ask here! Just type your question, problem (or suggestion!) into the box below. You're sure to get some helpful answers from friendly people who would love to share their tips and tricks with you.

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Body Butter Questions... Answered!

Click on the links below to see body butter questions - and their answers - from other visitors...

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Can you use vanilla extract to scent it (body butter)?

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Edible Body Butter 
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Vanilla cream massage lotion bar 
I followed your recipe exactly and it didn't harden at all. it stayed completely liquid...why????

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Using Cocoa Butter in Body Butter 
I use Cocoa Butter in my body butter. The cocoa butter melts down fine and when it cools it still blends with the shea and oils nicely. My problem is that …

Using Olive Oil in Homemade Body Butter Recipes 
When making homemade body butter, do you have to use vitamin E? And can you use olive oil in the edible body butter? Can you use both together?

I don't like the smell of my essential oil in my body butter 
How do I remove a scent from my body butter? I've cooked it back down, added more Shea. Letting it sit over the heat in hopes it will cook out! With a …

Body Butter Not Getting Whipped Up 
First time making body butter. A friend gave me all the ingredients, but not the measurements. This is what I used: 4oz Shea Butter 1/4 cup beeswax …

Where to Find Deodorant Tubes for Homemade Body Butter 
I use a 1 oz. push up tube for my lotion. You can find them at The Soap The more you buy the better the price. I sell a lot of these at the …

What essential oils work well to disguise the smell of unrefined shea butter? 
I am making a Body Butter and Lotion Bar using unrefined Shea Butter but am having difficulty disguising the smell of the Shea Butter. I don't want to …

Sandy texture to body butters? 
I've made butters consisting of both cocoa and shea butters, but after a few days, the butter becomes sandy and starts to crumble? Does anyone know why …

Which butter setting method is best? 
There are two methods listed, whipping your body butter all day or having it in a container of ice water as you whip. Will one be more likely to make a …

Is cocoa butter good for African skin? 
Should cocoa butter be left out of body butter recipes for African skin, especially for Africans living in tropical areas?

Nut Free Body Butter Recipe 
Hi, I have nut allergies, looking for options on making my own nut free body butter -- any suggestions:)

Guidelines for Adding Carrier Oils in Body Butter Recipes 
I recently started making my own body butters but I don't have any real guidelines as to which carrier oils work best and what's the oil to butter ratio... …

How do you give a massage with body butter? 
I have an interview to give an owner of a spa a massage with body butter. Although I am a CMT, I have never given a massage with a body butter bar. This …

How long should I leave body butter to set? 
The consistency of my body butter is fine until I leave it out to set overnight - then it goes rock hard and I have to re-melt it and whip it up again. …

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Cocoa or Shea Butter for Body Butter Recipe? 
Can I leave the cocoa butter out and just use the shea butter to make a body butter?

Storing Aromatherapy Body Butter 
With essential oils, even when mixed with bath salts or body butter, is it always imperative that they be in a tinted PET jar? There is so much conflicting …

Using Honey Powder or Stevia in Body Butter 
Hi Kyley, I was looking at your lotion recipes and came across the "Vanilla Cream Massage Oil Lotion Bar" recipe. It calls for either honey powder or …

Best Way to Get Hard Butters Out of Their Container  
Q: What's the best way to get the harder butters out of the containers they come in? I'm about to try my first recipe and one of the butters (kokum) …

Vanilla Cupcake Body Butter Recipe 
Q: I really want to make a vanilla cupcake scented body butter. I'd like to use essential oils but don't know if there's a combination to create …

Baby Powder in Body Butter Recipe 
Q: My body butter is made up of oils and Shea butter and wax. When I use it, however, it leaves an oily layer. I want it to be less greasy more …

Homemade mango body butter recipe 
Q: I bought some mango butter while on vacation. I love it! What do I need to make mango butter? A: Yummm! Here's a homemade mango …

How to Make Body Butter with a Baby Fresh Scent 
THE QUESTION I want to create a baby powder fresh scent for my body butter, but I don't know which essential oils to use. Can you help or do …

"How long does shea body butter keep for?" 
"how long does shea body butter keep for?"

Orange Oil in Body Butter Recipe 
Is the amount of orange oil in the soothing shea butter lotion bar recipe cause for concern for photosensitivity?

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Lush Lavender Body Butter

Sparkling Citrus Body Butter

Soothing Shea Butter Lotion Bar

Honey Kissed Body Butter Massage Cream

Vanilla Cream Massage Oil Lotion Bar

Moonlit Melts Massage Oil Candles

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