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How much essential oil to use in a warm mist vaporizer

by Jeff
(Bourne, MA.)

Hi All,

I have a Sunbeam warm mist humidifier/vaporizer that is capable of using essential oils for aromatherapy, however the instructions are very vague and don't tell me how much to use.

The instructions say the medicine cup is on top but it's basically the opening where the steam comes out. So I take it I put a few drops in through the top and that's it? I'm a newbie at this sort of thing and wanted to give it a try.


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aroma oils for diffusers/nebulizers NEW
by: Anonymous

just an addition to diffusers nebulizer, there are some oils which are popular but really cannot be used in a they are thick and resinous. I.E. the extremely popular Yang Yang, Sandlewood these are inclined to clog or damage your apparatus.

Thanks! NEW
by: Jeff

Thanks for your response, I did just that last night but the scent of Jasmine was no where to be found. I think my humidifier doesn't put out enough volume to create any kind of "vapor draft" to disperse the oils.

Using Essential Oils in your Vaporizer NEW
by: Kyley

Hi Jeff,

You have it right. You just put 5 or 10 drops of your favorite essential oils into the indentation at the opening of the vaporizer.

If you're using your vaporizer to fight a cold or the flu, choose eucalyptus, rosemary or thyme (smells strong).

For relaxation, lavender and lemon are always good.

For a mood lift, any of the citrus oils.

Best of luck, and thanks for posting.

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