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How long should I leave body butter to set?

by Cat

The consistency of my body butter is fine until I leave it out to set overnight - then it goes rock hard and I have to re-melt it and whip it up again. Am I leaving it too long without a lid or am I not meant to leave it to set at all?


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more oil! NEW
by: Cat

Great, thanks for the advice Natalie.And thanks to everyone else for your comments. Yorkshire is definitely on the cold side so I will follow Natalie's advice & retry making body butter with more oil. Just in time for handmade Christmas presents!

body butters setting time and texture NEW
by: natalie

I think that body butters supposed to have a texture like shoe polish not the liquid, the waxy one. remember that a natural body butter will not have the texture like the butter you eat unless it contains water. the setting time depends on the butters and oils you use.and can take from 15 minutes to overnight tightly covered. if you live in cold areas your butters will be hard making it difficult to scoop out. use more oils than butters and use tapioca starch for the greasiness . I live in a hot country so I use more butters and less oils. hope this helps

Hard body butter when left overnight NEW
by: Natalie

Hi I had the same problem with my body butter it came out nice and fluffy when leave over night it came out hard. What to do? Will some body please help. Am not seeing any answer from any one months now

body butter to hard when left over night NEW
by: Anonymousnattylisa

I had the same problem with my body butter when I whipped it up it look so nice and fluffy , but when leave over night it turned hard. am not seeing any answers on what to do

Hurry Help..... NEW
by: Azure

So what is the solution? Same question but no real solution. Help I have a craft shoe in 24 hours and my stuff wont stay soft and smooth

Hard Body Butter NEW
by: Bridget

Hey, I was so glad to see this post. I made my first bodey butter the other day. It whipped up so nicely, and I was so proud, But AFTER A WHILE WHEN i OPENED MY JAR, IT WAS SO HARD to scoop out. I also can't get the scent right. I used sweet orange and lemon essential oils. It never would get a nice smell to it. It's also way to greasy@ Yuck

hard butter NEW
by: Ash

IM HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM!!! I tried covering it but it still got hard after the night, my first batch had more shea butter than the recipe asked for but ti still went hard, my 2nd and 3rd batch did the same thing. I used shea butter (unrefined and melted down) and sweet almond oil

Rock hard body butter!
by: Cat

Thanks Gill, it's nice to know I'm not the only one this is happening to, you've inspired me to keep trying! I melt then mix together shea, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and a bit of cornflour then add a few drops of essential oil. It always goes hard over night; I've tried re-melting it and adding more oil but haven't yet tried adding more shea. It works well once it' s rubbed into the skin but is too hard to scoop out the pot! I'll try your advice in the new year when I can get more ingredients and will let you know how it goes! Good luck with yours....

how long should you leave body butter to set?
by: Gill

What are you doing to get to this stage, mine keeps going rock hard when setting over night, I have talked to Kyley about this and she reckons to re-melt it and put more shea butter into it, as of yet I have not tried this as I am still waiting for more shea butter to come from my supplier. If you do try it let us know how it goes, when I get my shea butter I will try it again and will let you know if it worked for me.

I hope this helps you abit more.

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