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Homemade Diaper Rash Remedy

My baby has a rash on her genitalia that I've seen before on my other girls that the doctor previously said was a yeast infection. I've tried every oil I can think of but none even touch it and I really don't want to use the prescription that I know they will give me if I take her to the doctor. Any suggestions?

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Cocnut Oil NEW
by: Kyley

I use coconut oil too, on my underarms to help control body odor. It works!

I also use colloidal silver and grapfruit seed extract. I layer them - silver, grapefruit seed extract, coconut oil. And they keep me non-stinky all day. Unless I work out or it's killer hot, in which case I have to reapply in the aternoon.

I found that my face broke out after about a week of using coconut oil, so I stopped putting it on my face and the breakouts stopped. But I use it on every other part of my body with no problems. I love the way it makes my skin feel.

Why coconut oil works for diaper rash NEW
by: Valerie

coconut oil is known for its anti-yeast properties. my body does not fight off yeast very well so i always have some form of a mild yeast infection. i bought extra virgin organic coconut oil for myself to use as a dietary supplement, it works well in limiting the yeast growth in my body. when my son was 4 months old, he had a horrible diaper rash. i had thought he may have a problem with yeast like me, so i got out the container of coconut oil (it is hard pressed and looks like wax in the container) and rubbed a good amount on his diaper rash. i did this with every diaper change that day. the next day his diaper rash was gone. i now use coconut oil instead of vit a&d and he has not had another bout of diaper rash. i highly recommend it. i told my dr about it and she said it is absolutely safe and if it works for us then to keep using it. i hope this helped.

Coconut oil
by: Anonymous

We use coconut oil for diaper rashes and within a few hours a nasty red rash will be gone. I use plain old coconut oil, it already has an awesome scent.

We also cloth diaper and coconut oil is not damaging to the repellent factor.

For wipes I use a solution of Tea Tree, Lavender and Olive oil with distilled water and a small squirt of baby shampoo.

My son is 1 and has never had a rash that lasted more than a few hours. My girls on the other hand suffered terrible rashes (I didn't know about the wonderful properties of coconut oil).

Good Luck with the rash.

by: Angela

I use a salve made of Safflower oil, almond oil, beeswax, comfrey, St. Johns Wart, calendula, and aloe vera. This is also great for other skin "owies" and baby acne.

nappy rash
by: Anonymous

i tried using aloe alone witth the german chamomile, lavender and ravensara in it for the nappy rash on my son the other day, as it flared up once again.

it didn't seem to do anything and i felt that it wasn't protective enough i.e. keeping the moisture away from the skin there was no barrier.

but i am thinking of trying zinc and castor oil as the barrier, adding a bit of aloe and some calendula oil with the above essential oils to see if that works any better.

hope this is helpful to you


Diaper Rash - Let us Know How it Works
by: Kyley

You're most welcome!

I'd love to know how the coconut oil and the aloe work for your son - I'm sure there's LOTS of mothers who'd rather use natural cures rather than cortisone cream.

If the coconut or aloe is successful, I'll add them to the baby recipes section (not started yet, but I'll get there!)

So if you'd drop a line back here when you've tried them and let me know, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!

All the best!


nappy rash
by: gill

thanks kyley, i have seen recipes with the calendula oil, but never thought of putting virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

I will definately be trying that one next time i run out of the cream.

And again i haven't thought about putting aloe vera juice on his bottom, but with all its properties i can see why so will give that one a try as well

gill x

Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera
by: Kyley

Try using calendula, lavender and chamomile in a base of virgin, unrefined coconut oil. Like Gill says, you want the essential oils to be at a dilution of 1 percent.

Coconut oil is good for yeast infection rashes because it kills disease-causing bacteria and leaves the good bacteria alone. It's also antifungal.

You could also try wiping your baby's bottom with aloe vera juice. Make sure you buy it from a health food store - the stuff you get at the drugstore is diluted with alcohol and it will STING! (Plus it won't work.)

Don't use scented store soaps on your baby, don't use commercial baby wipes, and use cotton diapers if you can.

Good luck, I hope her rash clears up soon!

diaper rash
by: gill

my youngest son suffers terribly from this, i found that everything on the market did not help, if anything made it worse.

i have just started to be aromatherapist and i now make a solution up for my son.

i take 60ml zinc and castor oil cream into that i add 3 drops german chamomile and 3 drops french lavender and mix. this is at a 1% dilution as it is a child.

i have also mix the above essential oils together in a 3ml bottle and on every change i use water adding one drop off the mixed essential oils.

i find that the baby wipes bring the nappy rash out and make him worse.

hope this works for you, it certainly does for me and my son, within 24hrs it has more or less disappeared.

gill x

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